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Chop & Brew – Episode 5.5: Not an Official Episode

In this short “unofficial” episode, Chip pulls himself away from grad school work for a few moments to share some announcements and homebrewing resources. [Postdate: April 28, 2013]

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C&B 05 Lagniappe - Two Reds - Image

Tasting Notes: Bama Dynasty Crimson Ale & Return of O’Rojo Spiced Irish Red

Chop & Brew Lagniappe. This is part of the tasting notes from Episode 05 that we didn’t feel like there was really time for in the actual episode. Also, the beers are not that good. To no fault of their own. Check it out.

C&B 05 - Episode - Still - Four Dudes

Chop & Brew – Episode 05: Irish Beef Stew & Some Tasting Notes

This episode has some Chop AND Brew. First, we make an Irish Beef Stew to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (also good for any random chilly evening). Then Chip is joined by Bryon Adams, Chris Paynes and Don Osborn for tasting notes on The Nazz Session IPA and Golden Sunlight Belgian Tripel IPA brewed back in Episode 03. The discussion includes some thoughts on late-addition hops, mid-fermentation sugar additions and mash temperatures. [Original posdate: April 14, 2013]

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Lagniappe: Tasting Notes – Bama Dynasty Crimson Ale & Return of O’Rojo Spiced Irish Red