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Summer Beer Dabbler Homebrew Competition

A quick inside look at an interestingly organized homebrew competition for the Summer Beer Dabbler 2013 at Upper Landing Park, Saint Paul, MN.
You go, Gera!

potato pancakes

German Potato Pancakes with Mom & Grandma Lois

Three generations of our family recently sat down to enjoy and be schooled on the art of making traditional German Potato Panckes by my grandma.

Want to make your own German Potato Pancakes?
Recipe over here!

potato pancakes

Grandma Lois’ German Potato Pancakes Recipe

As seen made by Grandma Lois, Elsa and Chip’s Mom in the Chop & Brew Lagniapple video “German Potato Pancakes with Mom & Grandma Lois.”

Measurements are old-school, informal, casual grandma-style. Tweak to taste and specifications.

Ingredients (serves four):
– 8-10 potatoes (Russet or other, NOT Yukon)
– vegetable oil (enought to fill pan/griddle to 1/8-1/4 inch)
– 5 Tbsp flour
– 2 or 3 eggs
– 1 tsp salt (or to taste)
– milk (enough to thin mixture to a somewhat soupy mashed potatoes texture)
– white sugar
– applesauce (optional)
– NO ketchup

– Heat griddle with oil to 400+F [you want to fry ’em hot and fast!]
– Spoon potato mixture into heated oil, spread with spoon to 1/4 in thinck
– Repeat for several pancakes, do not crowd them, do not allow them to touch
– Cook 4-5 min or until underside is brown and somewhat crispy and the edges are lacy
– Flip pancakes and cook other side in oil for 4-5 min.
– Remove from oil to plate or paper towel, top with white sugar. Grandma Lois says a LOT of sugar.
– Keep warm in warm oven while cooking other pancakes
– Optional toppping: even more sugar and/or applesauce