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C&B 13 - Stirring PreBoil Wort

Aletoberfest Homebrew Recipe

This beer goes by many names: Aletoberfest, Mocktoberfest, Fauxtoberfest, ALToberfest. An ale version of a Marzen-style Oktoberfest as seen brewed by Ryan and Judi Schenian in Chop & Brew – Episode 13: Brewing Aletoberfest. Thanks to Ryan and Judi for sharing this recipe with the people! This is a quick-turning beer using ale yeast to ferment so there’s still time to get yours in before the fall festival season is over.

The Burgermeister Aletoberfest
All-grain / 5 gallon batch
OG 1.056
FG 1.013
IBUs: 27

5 lbs. Munich Malt
5 lbs. Vienna Malt
1 lb. Dark Munich Malt
0.5 lb. Caramunich Malt II

Mash @ 152 for 60 min.

Sparge and bring to boil.

1 oz. German Tradition @ 60 min
1 oz. German Hallertauer @15 min

Ferment at 62F with Wyeast 1007 German Ale

C&B 13 - Sauerkraut

Judi’s Sauerkraut Recipe

Awesome sauerkraut dish prepared for and as seen in Chop & Brew – Episode 13: Brewing Aletoberfest. The caraway seeds especially went really well with the bready and doughy flavor of the Aletoberfest that Ryan and Judi Schenian brewed in the episode. Thanks to Judi for sharing!

Judi’s Sauerkraut Recipe
Makes 4 servings

Per Judi:

6 slices of bacon, diced
3/4 cup onions, diced
2 medium size apples, peel & diced (*I used Granny Smith)
2 cups sauerkraut
1 cup white wine
1 tablespoon caraway seeds
2 bay leaves

Recipe also called for 8 juniper berries but I left them out. What the hell are juniper berries anyway!? LOL!

Cook bacon but do not brown
Add onions and cook until they turn transparent
Add apples and cook for 2-3 minutes more
Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 20-30 minutes

I doubled the recipe as the above amounts are for 4 servings. Also, I simmered this longer (about an hour) and I think that helped to mellow it a bit more. Lastly, I added a little sugar to cut the sharp bite of the kraut.

C&B 13 - Potatoes

Ryan’s Potato Recipes

The first recipe is the way the potatoes were prepared by Ryan Schenian and enjoyed in Chop & Brew – Episode 13: Brewing Aletoberfest. The second recipe he threw in as a lagniappe and they look soooo good. Thanks to Ryan for sharing!

Baked Garlic Potato Wedges
Serves four

2-6 Potatoes (I use Russets)
1 T. Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper
Frank’s Red Hot (optional)

1.Preheat oven to 400F
2. Cut potatoes to your liking; like fries, wedges, or thinly down the middle.
3. Grease baking pan with olive oil (you can also make these potatoes faster if you cook in a frying pan).
4. Place potatoes on baking pan and roll them in olive oil until evenly coated.
5. Add garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, and (optional) Frank’s Red Hot to potatoes, and add to your liking.
6. Place potatoes in oven and occasionally flip them over so they do not stick to the pan and cook evenly.
7. Cooking times will vary dependent on ovens and how the potatoes are cut but usually they are ready in 25 minutes.

*If you want more garlic, oregano, black pepper, or Frank’s Red Hot flavor add more just before pulling the potatoes out of the oven.

Himmel und Erde Potatoes
Serves four
“Himmel und Erde” means Heaven and Earth.

1 1/2 to 2 pounds potatoes
1 1/2 to 2 pounds apples, peeled and diced
1 T. lemon juice
1 T. sugar
2 slices bacon, small diced
1 T. butter
1/3 cup warm milk
2 small onions
Pinch of nutmeg
Salt and black pepper

1. Peel and boil apples in salted water.
2. Simmer apples in lemon juice, sugar and about 2-3 T. water for 10 minutes.
3. Brown bacon lightly; add onions and cook them until transparent.
4. When potatoes are cooked, drain them; mash them with the apples with any juices, milk, butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg.
5. Add onions and bacon.