Bryon’s Bad Ass Fresh Hop Ale 2013

Recipe for the fresh hop ale brewed by Bryon Adams and tasted both straight and through a HopRocket in Chop & Brew – Episode 17. Bryon dubbed this beer “The Wetness”

6.5 lbs Maris Otter
1.0 lb Vienna Malt
0.75 lb Crystal 40L
0.25 lb Malted Wheat

Mashed at 144F for 60 min.

Don’t have your own fresh hops? Try brewing this beer with 1/4 the amount of commercial pellet hops for each addition
2.0 oz Cascade @ 60 min
1.0 oz Cascade @ 20 min
1.0 oz Cascade @ 10 min
7.0 oz Cascade @ 2 min
2.0 oz Centenial @ 0 min

Ferment with WL044

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2 thoughts on “Bryon’s Bad Ass Fresh Hop Ale 2013

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  2. Hung Hocannson

    7oz at the last 2 minutes?? How did this come out??

    I want to do something like this; one oz of nugget at 60mins and 7oz at 5mins…I don’t enjoy dry hopping as much due to losing a gallon…


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