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  1. Mark Zuithoff

    I just realized why there are no more Brewing TV episodes. I am glad I stumbled across your new venture in the comments of a NB post on Facebook.

  2. Robert Vasecka

    Chip…..Wow I just stumbled across you on the web. I really miss the old Brewing TV. You guys were awesome. Thanks for keeping your mad video skills alive and sharing with the rest of us homebrewers.

  3. Kurt

    Hey Chip! Awesome to see you’ve taken the step out on your own since the fall of BTV, i really enjoyed those episodes, and have followed everyones personal pages/videos etc to keep the watching and learning up!

    Great to see the passion for food a brewing together in one place! Love it!

  4. Gregory Ellis

    Any chance you can add the batch size for the Double IPA recipes. I would guess 5 gallon, but, it is not specified. Thanks.

  5. Mark

    Now, this may be a subject that would be helpful to newer brewers like myself. What about an episode dedicated to “rookie mistakes”. As a newer brewer, I’ve made mistakes that could’ve been avoided with a decent instructional. For example: fermenting temps and how they effect the outcome, oxidation, water profiles and such.

    This could be handled by the new boring “BrewTv”, but I more enjoy watching you and your fellas with your interpretations and comedy. But as always, I’ll be looking forward to new episodes! Thanks!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      This is actually in the works. Ted W. from past episodes had the same idea. I think we’ll approach it as a sort of roundtable discussion instead of trying to stage all the scenarios. Be on the lookout for it!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      Dawson is in Ep. 10. Also in two more upcoming episodes. As for Jake, he cannot play in the sandbox right now. But absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  6. Otto

    Great beer AND great food in one place? What more could anyone ask for? You’re a rockstar Chip! Keep up the fantastic work!

    Any chance a kombucha episode might make an appearance in the future? I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at it, but I’m not really sure where to start. Any thoughts/advice?


    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I have made kombucha in the past and have some friends that do it much more regularly. I think it’s on the short list for this spring hopefully! Basically make a simple sweet tea with equal parts honey and sugar and a nice black tea. Then add the SCOBY. I’ll see if I can find a recipe for you in lieu of an actual episode.

  7. Dave

    Wow, Just finished watching all the BrewTV videos and thought I was caught up, Surprise. I was pissed. Well I now feel better. AND is you want to come to Western Montana and see Craft Brews here ??? We have fly fishing and I have a boat.

  8. Matt

    Hello,’I’m a big fan of the show.

    I’m writing because I’m curious if and when you’ll be releasing the episode on the saison you brewed at like 95 degrees.

    I’m curious because I brewed a few hot saisons and wanted to see others experience. Thanks a bunch!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I totally plan on doing the episode. I brewed it last summer. Shamefully, I have had to prioritize other footage first, but I hope to have it release in the next two or three episodes! Thanks for asking. Good memory!

  9. Don Martin

    Hey, Chip,
    I’ve been a big fan of yours since your debut with NB. I must say,” You, Mike Dawson, and Jake Keeler are very inspirational figures for me, I’ve learned to take my brewing to a different level just by watching your video’s.” It made my brewing a big difference.
    Warm regards from Virginia,
    Don Martin

  10. David Moore

    Hello Chip, Love your videos, and just to let you Brew TV is why I started ordering from Northern Brewers. I was disapointed to see you were no longer there, but was very pleased to find you here. Cheers and best of luck, will continue to watch your outstanding videos.
    Dave from Alaska!

  11. Don M Perry II

    Hey Chip,
    Just wanted to let you know about the 2nd annual Hop Blossom festival in Winchester,Va on 7June 2014. I believe there is going to be about 30 plus craft breweries and vendors.Hope you can make it’ll make an awesome edition to your video’s.



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