Chop & Brew | Mead Day Mini-Mead Tasting Notes

  Episode 64: Quick tasting notes on two mini-meads from Bad Ass Bryon Adams and Chip Walton on National Mead Day 2017. The meads were made with honey from Bare Honey of Minnesota. Shout-out to Mino Choi for the recipe and process help! [Original postdate: August 5, 2017] Related Links Mino’s Mini-Mead Recipe Bare Honey

Chop & Brew | Mead Masters: Steve Fletty (Part 2)

Episode 63: Chip & Meadmaker of the Year Steve Fletty continue their conversation about meadmaking. Topics include fruit meads, yeast health, ageing, and blending. See link below for the first part of this session. [Original postdate: July 31, 2017] Related Links Steve Fletty Mead Recipes Orange Blossom Session Mead Holy Cacao! Chocolate Mead  ‎ Mesquite