Chop & Brew | Hombrew Con Beer Tasting Notes

  Episode 65: Quick tasting notes from the garage on two beers Chip brewed for this summer’s Homebrew Con event in Minneapolis, MN. He, Don Osborn and Paul Fowler taste and comment on Pedal Pusher Lavender Wit and Rye Stout + Espresso 2.0. [Original postdate: August 20, 2017] Related Links Pedal Pusher Lavender Wit Homebrew

Chop & Brew | Mead Day Mini-Mead Tasting Notes

  Episode 64: Quick tasting notes on two mini-meads from Bad Ass Bryon Adams and Chip Walton on National Mead Day 2017. The meads were made with honey from Bare Honey of Minnesota. Shout-out to Mino Choi for the recipe and process help! [Original postdate: August 5, 2017] Related Links Mino’s Mini-Mead Recipe Bare Honey

Chop & Brew | Mead Masters: Steve Fletty (Part 2)

Episode 63: Chip & Meadmaker of the Year Steve Fletty continue their conversation about meadmaking. Topics include fruit meads, yeast health, ageing, and blending. See link below for the first part of this session. [Original postdate: July 31, 2017] Related Links Steve Fletty Mead Recipes Orange Blossom Session Mead Holy Cacao! Chocolate Mead  ‎ Mesquite