Chop & Brew – Episode 28: AHA Wort Rally Beer Tasting Notes

Chip is joined by a krewe of Chop & Brew All-Stars to taste four different beers made from the same Double Black IPA wort. The wort was brewed for and given to them by Lucid Brewing Company at the American Homebrewers Association Wort Rally on Big Brew Day 2014. The discussion includes tips on dry hopping, yeast strain selection, and fermentation temperatures.
[Original postdate: August 7, 2014]
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203 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wolfy

    Chip- do you or any of your posse have a homebrew club? If not you should start one, you have such a large local following it could be a fun endevor

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I was a member of the Minnesota Homebrewers Association for a few years when I first moved to MN and still participate in some events when I can. Actually I started an AHA approved club for Chop & Brew and one viewer already entered under C&B and won Category 16 in Oregon. Very cool. You can do that same for sure!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      Sadly, I will not be at NHC this year. That was one of the many cool things about working at Northern Brewer – the paid-for trips to NHC. I had a blast at the events at Minneapolis, San Diego and Seattle. No to for Philly. BUT I do plan on being at 2014 in Michigan. Maybe as a civilian, maybe with a table or something?

  2. Kenneth

    Love the shorty point episode recap awesomeness, do them every 5 episodes to keep touch on all the awesome things going on!

  3. QuercusMax

    Just wanted to let you know that your videos are awesome! I loved Brewing TV, and was sad to see it go. I watched a bunch of the Summit Brewing videos, and I can tell when you started doing them, as the newer ones definitely are much higher quality in every area.

    What degree are you going for? Looks like some books about Chinese immigration there…

    Once again, you’re doing an awesome job. I don’t know how you have time between work, school, family, and brewing!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      Yep. A Masters of Liberal Studies… this paper specifically is on Chinese poetry at Angel Island Immigration Station as it related to “Art & Social Control.”

  4. absentmindedbrewer

    Ever consider guest spot blog entries to fill in the gaps between episodes (we get itchy without our Chop & Brew fix :-) )? Could be kind of a Chop & Brew Nation type of thing?

    As always, great to see you doing your thing again – Chop & Brew is great, man! Been following Keeler’s and Dawson’s blogs too – great to see you guys back at it! Cheers!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I like this idea and I have thought of it. Send me some ideas or copy to chopandbrew@gmail.com. I really have sort of slipped on the blog portion of the overall concept and concentrated on the episodes/lagniappes/video work. If you got some share, I’d love to share it with/for you.

  5. Shawn Woods

    Right there with you Chip, I am currently finishing up a research project and paper. However, your episode 5.5 was a nice break between the readings, editings, and revisions.

  6. absentmindedbrewer

    Will do! The episodes are much appreciated and the people you have pulled in have been great so far. I’ll shoot you some ideas as I get the chance to get some more stuff written up!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I really like the most recent hop update… if you didn’t mind I could use that as an example of an interesting way to set-up your container hops in an upcoming episode and plug your blog.

  7. Bob

    Great episode, I planted hops for the first time yesterday (before I saw your video) and for some reason I put them 6-8 inch deep. Will they be ok? Or can I dig them up and move them? Will that hurt them? Thanks for any help.

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      Bob, I would totally dig them out of there and just start them a bit more shallow honestly. You won’t hurt them. They are tough buggers, but they want to feel the warmth of that sunshine for sure!

  8. Mike

    I’m getting my masters too. My degree is in homeland security. I have to do my these this summer/early fall and am trying to figure out how I can do one that involves homeland security and beer.Thought about how breweries could supply fresh drinking water in a disaster. Anyone have any better ideas?

  9. Jrebb

    Well Done, as always Chip!… looking forward to all the future episodes! and some MERCH! to help the funding of C&B! also looking forward to seeing Bryon in some more episodes! maybe in his BADASS brewery? i love his improvised fire extinguishing beer dispenser! ha

    Cheers Chip!

  10. harpdog7

    Right at about 5:34 or 5:35, when the dialogue is about the price of the barrels, you can see a reflection in the window when the sun come up over a house across the street.

  11. notahater

    In the name of being “scientifically integritous” two things in this video must be corrected:
    1. The “tongue map” was discredited long ago. Please let it go the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo.
    2. The term for a savory flavor is “umami” not “unami.” (unless we are talking about the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, but I don’t think we are…)

    Love the videos, Chip!

  12. Eric

    Chip, these have always been my favorite episodes. Just guys getting together and brewing beer. Keep ‘em coming!

  13. Justin

    Any chance in some reviews of some local joints up your way? The wife and I are planning a trip up that way to vist family next year and need advice on where to find the good brews.

  14. Dave M

    After watching all this Chop i’ve starting unintentionally using cut of meat references in normal conversation. Turns out women don’t like being complimented on their haunches, regardless of how genuine the intent.

  15. Jay

    What efficiency are your recipes set to? How many days did you ferment for? How many at 60deg?
    Great Videos!!!!

  16. Ryan

    Was going through brewing tv withdrawals and found you on here Chip. Breathed a sigh of relief and watched all of your episodes haha. Keep’em coming man.

    PS – recently made my first Oktoberfest using 2124 after seeing the lager workarounds episode of btv. Thanks Chip, Don O, and the man the myth the legend Mike D!

  17. Josh

    Hey Chip, I was wondering if you could offer some tips on doing BIAB/parti-gyle? I am new to brewing and started on biab, but would like to know if I could make 2 beers off one grain bill. Might make a cool episode too…hint hint!

    1. chopandbrew Post author

      I have never heard of that actually. I would think you would have to at least add more grain to the bag for the second beer since most of you fermentable sugar would drain out on the first? Maybe I’m thinking correctly about it. Let me see what the Brain Trust says and I’ll put it on the list. Thanks for the brain-teaser, Josh!

  18. Bill B.

    Parti-gyle is basically pulling 2 beers out of one grain bill. Have not done one yet but have watched some vids and read a bit on it. Like you said to someone above, you’re running 75% efficiency. That means you’re leaving 25% behind.
    If you build a BIG Beer you’ll leave a bit more than that.
    In the olden times the second run was the BABY Beer that was low avb. and fit for the kids :)
    If you run off a big grain bill some time, reset your mashing and pull off a second run.
    It’s basically a free session beer :)

    Thanks for caring enough about the fans of the old show to build us a new one.
    You’re the Phoenix that rose from the burn down :)

    Bill B.

  19. Jean-Françcois Cardinal

    You have to put in more subtle sound fx like the one at 3:20 ish. I went over that part 5 times before realising I wasn’t hearing voices. Funné ! Adds another dimension to your already awesome show.

    Keep up the good work and give a heads up if ever you are lost in Quebec and looking for a garage to brew in !


  20. Tomas Goodlaxson

    I could have sworn there was a BTV episode on partigyle brewing. Anyway, it’s possible (and at one point in England, common) to do more than two worts from one grain bill. Makes for a long brew day, though.

  21. Tim

    Hey guys! I recently brewed a barleywine with some recipe help form JP (you know who that is). He gave some great recipe adjustments to one that I have been working on for a long time. Would you guys like some? I think that it would make a great tasting for you guys. No video tasting notes required. I just like to share great things with great people. And you guys……….well, you saved brewing for me with some other podcast which shall not be named :)

  22. Josh

    Hey chip I was thinking of putting together an autumn/Belgian style ale, something in the .1060 range. Can you give me a recommendation on hop and yeast selection. I want something kind of spicy, floral and easy on the IBU’s. Thanks

  23. Miles

    As always, great episode, so many familiar faces. Was surprised to see King there!
    Also the jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon, here in Texas we call those (ABT’s) Atomic Buffalo Turds. Next time you make ‘em, try stuffing with whipped cream cheese (mix alittle pick-a-pepper sauce along with smoked paprika,brown sugar into the cream cheese, then stuff and wrap with bacon. Trust me on this one! Cheers!

  24. charles E

    cool of you to leave an update video. keep on keepin’ on. chop for chop, brew for brew.

    speaking of barleywine (i was reading other comments)… how about an episode about strong ales, high abv monsters, etc.? always a fun topic, and a nice bookend to the session session with Dawson.

    1. charles E

      oh derp, i just watched that BTV episode mentioned above with the barleywine and the parti-gyle style. so that’s where the Wookie came from!

      still, it would be fantastic to get a Chop & Brew episode for every kind of beer there is! no pressure. :)

  25. Bob Saget

    you should get these episodes set up as a podcast, it would be easier to download and make sure i don’t miss any new ones. rock.

  26. Bob

    Great work, love the videos.
    I wanted to ask the chop and brew family about an idea I had with your recipe The Nazz. I know the sessionable IPA’s are hard to pull off cause the body of the beer can suffer. After watching ep. 16 ad hearing you say that high mash temps and maybe some extra malt could help this recipe I had to ask if you thought about using a britsh ale yeast? And why or why not? I’ve been thinking about brewing ten gallons and splitting it. Half fermented with 1056 and half with 1335. I picked 1335 cause I brewed the partial mash Bitter Brewer Surly clone from NB and ( being my first mash) it came out with only a 1.030 OG, however, I never thought it tasted as watery as some other low gravity ipa beers I’ve had. Am I right to think the britsh yeast helped play a role in that or is the malt bill and a bitter compared to an IPA to much like apples to oranges? Any comments from anyone would help.


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