Chop & Brew – Episode 01: Two Reds are Better Than One


In this inaugural episode of “Chop & Brew,” host/producer Chip Walton brews two very different red ales in tribute of homebrew legend Charlie Papazian on his birthday. [Original postdate: February 15, 2013]

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  2. Keith F.

    Outstanding video and a deserving tribute to Charlie P.

    I started brewing when Charlie’s book first came out. It was like the Old West…..very few sources for homebrew supplies, no internet…but a handful of very committed people in the Homebrew Gorilla Underground Movement that kept the flame alive.

    Thanks for carrying the torch and keeping the tradition of shared knowledge (and entertainment) alive!


  3. Tom

    At 14:37 you clearly use a spoon that HAS NOT been sanitized… just kidding. Nice work!

  4. Scott AuBuchon

    Great Video! Always enjoy watching and laughed out loud several times. As a Tennessee alumni it’s hard to watch, but as an avid homebrewer and fan – I have to! Thanks.

  5. I just found you guys last December and had this day marked on my calender. Great video Chip! Glad to see you’re up and running! Keep them coming, with Charlie P. “September B-day” of course! Oh, and you owe my alma mater a big thank you for last year. Go Cyclones! Roll Tide!

  6. Dave

    Missed the comment link to the episode the first time I posted this.
    Very entertaining episode Chip. Keep having fun!
    Secret of a good homebrew video: put a dog in it.
    Love that Charlie P. (the dog)
    Secret of a good homebrew batch: leave the dog out of it.
    Happy belated Charlie P. (the man)

  7. Gkhodge

    Great fun to watch. I have done a couple double batch all grain brew sessions, so I know how hard it is to coordinate a double shift session. Well done, as always Chip. I hope this Rolls On with another episode soon!

  8. Good to see that beautiful beard on my screen again!
    Good first Ep man, looking forward to some Dawson / Keeler / Don O Cameos soon too. I lived on BrewingTV for months haha.

    I’ve always wondered, is there any chance of infection when topping up with unboiled water?

  9. Randy Miller

    Fantastic job brewing and hosting. Keep up the great work. I enjoy watching the brew. Its all about the brew-ha bro.

  10. Max

    Thank god i just found this. I recently moved to australia and had to take a hiatus from homebrewing and this was so great to watch. This has got the same relaxed feel and cheesy humor I loved from BTV. CHIP YOU ROCK

  11. charles E

    i was going through BTV3 withdrawals, not having you, Cobra, and Dawson to watch. i am super stoked to have found your channel/blog. keep up the great work Chip. i am definitely a fan!

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