Chop & Brew – Episode 06: Growing Hops at Home (Part 1)


Another spring, another hop crop gets underway. In this episode of Chop & Brew, we look at the basic steps to planting hop rhizomes in containers and in the yard. Ted and Paul help new hop-growers with tip and techniques for the start of the growing season. Chop & Brew will do several episodes over the coming months on maintenance, harvesting, drying and of course a fresh-hop brew day episode. [Original postdate: May 19, 2013]

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  2. I’m right there with you on the container hops, man – I’m giving mine a year in the containers since we just moved in to our new house and make sure they do well where I have them, and then pop them in the ground next year. I really like that idea of counter-sinking a box to contain them – definitely going to try that out next year. Another great episode! Cheers!

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    Here’s a pretty awesome look at the early season for growing hops at home, and what goes into planting and setting up hops for growing at home from Chop & Brew. While you’re there, do yourself a favor, and go ahead and click that Follow button – you won’t regret it. If you’re a Brewing TV disciple you may see some familiar faces. Chip has the workings of a pretty sweet homebrewing and cooking video blog going over there.

  4. Jmich24

    Instead of cutting excess bines with shears, a firm steady pull will make a clean break from the crown. This will keep your in much better condition as the crown gets bigger.

  5. Excellent topic Chip.. I’ve been growing hops in pots for about 4 years now (currently in a rental property), and not to put too much of a fine point on it, I’m terrible. Look forward to the rest of the episodes 🙂

  6. Kevin R

    Good episode. Look forward to the others on the hop gardens.

  7. Paul

    When using the basic baleing twine double it or triple it up when using. Hop plants get very heavy, combine that with rain and wind, it gets weak by the end of the season. We have had it break a number of times when using it in a single fashion. The twine is very cheap use plenty, tying up a broken string can really suck. We have 10 plants that go up to 13ft supersized wash line poles. Thanks Chip for the clip.
    from the land of August Schell

  8. Ryan Hughes

    Thanks for the episode. I need all the help I can get. My garden went 0-3 last year!

    This crown of Cascades, grown on the kids playset, is nine years old and grown in USDA zone 7b. It was transplanted from a single small rhizome nine years ago from our old house. I should do a better job of pruning early in the season but I tend to forget each year until it’s too late so I just tie up some string for it to climb on. The rain barrel (white tank in photo) catches runoff from the roof and helps with watering.

  10. Great video!! In my first year growing hops and I will be happy if they just survive, can’t wait for the other episodes. Would love a cascade root ball that big one day.

  11. Drjones

    Great job, Chip. Noticed the burrs on my centennial vines just today here in CT! Second year growth has reached the roofline. Looking forward to a good harvest if all continues to go well. So glad to see you in front of the camera!

  12. Mark Leukus

    Hey Chip – how about a episode on how to dry hops?
    BTW love the episodes so far!

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  15. Mattski

    Great video. I live in Birmingham, AL. Is this too far south to grow hops? I’ve heard of some people having some success with cascade down here. Thoughts?

    • With the proper care and maintenance, that isn’t “too far south.” People in Central Texas grow hops in container with success, so I think you have a good chance of getting some happy hops.

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