Chop & Brew – Episode 11: Growing Hops at Home (Part 2)


You asked for a home hop progress report, Chop & Brew has one for you. With only a few weeks left in the hop-growing season – Chip, Dawson and Ted have late-summer updates on their home hop-growing efforts. (Well, Dawson and Ted do anyway.) We talk a bit about how to know when your hops are ready to pick, the easy way to dry the cones, and how to store them. Coming soon: a fresh-hop brew day episode. [Original postdate: August 23, 2013]

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  1. I have ten plants that I grew in containers this year (largely to make sure that they grew ok where I put the containers) that I want to commit to the ground next year. Do you think I am better off transplanting them when the ground thaws next Spring, or should I transplant them at the end of this fall?

    • I personally would wait. BUT I know of a local co-op hop yard that is being planted this fall for next spring and it’s run by some pro hop growers. Look up and contact George and Leah at Hippity Hops Farm in Forest Lake, MN. They will hook you up with some good information.

  2. Bryan Pierce

    It was actually nice to see that others have failed crops! Mine toasted this year too and I was pretty down. But, seeing others struggle with being able to tend the crop helps ease the pain. That’s life. So… I’m just relaxing and having a home brew. I feel much better.

    I brew with my father and he built a hop oast that could probably make it onto the Antique Road Show…. If I can get a pic, I’ll somehow get it to you for a peek. It’s rather entertaining. As for me…. I’m trying a dehydrator this year (today in fact) for my 3 ounces that I actually got to harvest…. so we’ll see how that goes.

  3. Gkhodge

    Just harvested last weekend with a neighbor and we brewed one of your old BTV wet hop rye session-able PA’s (3 guys with 3 different strength versions). Extra hops are drying in the garage as I write…hey, nice new logo, C&B!

  4. Mayflychucker

    Hey Chip- do you know how to get one of those Vanbrewers shirts? They aren’t available on their site. I’d be happy to trade a free guided fly fishing trip for you and Dawson (or whomever could wrangle one for me).

  5. another good way to dry hops is to buy el-cheapo air filters from a hardware store 20X20X1. line your hops in the air filter, you can even layer or two. then bungie cord it to a box fan. i keep mine in my boiler room, fan on medium they were dried in about 24 hours. just remember to rotate the screens to insure even drying.

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