Chop & Brew – Episode 14: Brewing with Fresh/Wet Hops


The Krewe of Chop & Brew gathers for a wet-hop brew day to wrap up this year’s series on “Growing Hops at Home.” We pick hops straight off the bine and stuff more than 10 pounds into a double-size batch. Thanks to Ted W. for hosting this motley bunch for a great brew day. Let us know about your experiences with fresh/wet hops in the comments below. [Original postdate: October 3, 2013]

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  1. Adam

    What does Ted use to insulate his mash tun? Does it hold infusion temps well or does it need to be direct fired/recirculated?

    • It’s some type of acoustic insulation. What’s your e-mail address? I can have Ted post to you directly. He has gotten that question a lot and it is already answered on HomeBrewTalk (he is “Maximus”), but I know he’d love to get you the details.

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