Chop & Brew – Episode 21: Meet the Brewer – Mino Choi


Meet award-winning fermentologist Mino Choi. In just three years of making beer, cider, wine and mead at home Mino has earned dozens of medals and awards – his most recent victories for the Chop & Brew Homebrew Club. We sit down with Mino for a gold-medal flight of beer, cider, icewine and melomel to discuss his experience, process, and fermentation philosophies. And we sweeten the deal for other C&B homebrewers to enter competitions as well. [Original postdate: February 16, 2014]

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  1. Great episode! Good work, Chip. Realy interesting, informative and inspriing. I’m gonna brew me some mead….

  2. That may be your best episode yet, Chip. Thanks for the inspiration. But really, you need to do an episode that’s a brew session with this guy. Or wine making session. Or cider or mead.

    • Really? Best episode = two dudes sitting at a table talking and drinking. Hmmmm. I can do more of that easily! In all seriousness, we totally plan on hooking up with Mino for both Chop AND Brew in the coming months.

  3. MorganMcCormack

    One of my favorite lessons I learned here was for the cider. He reiterated that store bought cider can produce a more consistent and predictable end product. But more importantly “7-10 days and its done.” I’ve been reading all over about letting your cider sit for 3-6 months to mellow out! I’ve been getting oxidized, down-the-drain-juice that tastes like cardboard. Last week I just bought a jug of Whole Foods 365 organic apple juice, dumped some corn sugar, gave it a shake, and pitched the Nottingham…9 days later…behold a hydrometer sample my wife doesn’t wrinkle her nose at! Another encyclopedia entry by Chop & Brew! Thanks!

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