Chop & Brew – Episode 24: Basement Stout Fest


Three dudes, two stouts, one basement. Chip, Chris Paynes and Michael Dawson enjoy two very different homebrewed stouts – Dawson’s Beamishish and Paynes’ Imperial Irish Cream Coffee Stout – both made with the fairly new high-extract MCI Stout malt. Join us as we discuss the tips and techniques involved in brewing these dark beauties. [Original postdate 4/29/14]

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  2. Noah Scott

    Woo! know what stout i’m doing next! I already have an oak/whiskey/strong almost stout ale in bottles right now aging. So i’ll prolly touch upon the beamishish.
    I had brewed with MCI stout malt last year for a friends party, i only had a bottle or two so i can’t recall flavors as much, but as they said as well, eff% went up a bit. Gave me a really old family recipe for the beer though, it was a stout… but instead of crystal malts or flaked something or other, it had maize in it.. that was an interesting flavor!

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