Chop & Brew – Episode 28: AHA Wort Rally Beer Tasting Notes


Chip is joined by a krewe of Chop & Brew All-Stars to taste four different beers made from the same Double Black IPA wort. The wort was brewed for and given to them by Lucid Brewing Company at the American Homebrewers Association Wort Rally on Big Brew Day 2014. The discussion includes tips on dry hopping, yeast strain selection, and fermentation temperatures.
[Original postdate: August 7, 2014]
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  1. Joshua D

    Hey Chip! Good post. I’m a new (BIG) fan from Rural Mississippi. I’ve watched all the Chop and Brew episodes in the last week! (darnit now I have to wait like everyone else for new ones XD) and I’m really enjoying them. I got interested in home brewing because I had my first Craft IPA a couple of weeks ago, which is hard to get around here, and I want more from my beer. I hope you keep this up a long time because I’m really enjoying them. Chop for Chop! Brew for Brew!

    -Joshua D

  2. Adam

    Hey Chip, great episode as usual. I just wanted to point out that dextrose (corn sugar) should make the wort more fermentable as yeast can break down dextrose more than it can maltose. For each beer finishing slightly high at 1.016-1.020; it may be attributed more to the relatively high mash temp (for a DIPA) as well as the high percentages of dark malt in the grist.

    • Yes, I realized that in editing and should’ve put up some kind of interjecting super/title explaining that. I left a comment on the YouTube page but forgot to here at the actual Episode page. We had had a bit of the 7.5% ABV good stuff at that point.

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