Chop & Brew – Episode 47: Juicy Lucy Stuffed Hamburgers with Chef Zander Dixon


We step in the kitchen and out to the grill with Chef Zander Dixon for a taste of his unique twist on the classic Juicy Lucy aka Stuffed Hamburger. Zander’s lessons include a stripped-down approach to making burger patties and creating jazzed-up fillings including The Popper and Garlic Fiend. [Original postdate: April 17, 2016]

Chef Zander Dixon’s Juicy Lucy Fillings: recipes include The Popper, Garlic Fiend, Chive Butter and Zuesy Lucy fillings.
Juicy Lucy Named Most Influential Burger (City Pages article)
The Eternal Debate: Who Makes the Best Juicy Lucy in the Twin Cities?
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Soundtrack Provided By:
“Joemerica” by McPullish Dubs
“Juicy Lucy” by Sonny Knight & The Lakers courtesy Secret Stash Records

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