Chop & Brew – Episode 5.5: Not an Official Episode


In this short “unofficial” episode, Chip pulls himself away from grad school work for a few moments to share some announcements and homebrewing resources. [Postdate: April 28, 2013]

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  2. JimmyJanga

    Future episodes sound great Chip. Good luck with finishing up with real life and looking forward to the next C&B ep

  3. Geneobrew

    Thanks for all the info Chip. You are the man. Good luck and keep it up. Cheers brow.

  4. Fflunkchief

    Thanks for the update Chip. Love what you’re doing. Same with the old crew from BTV. Great to see all your individual passions/interests come out a bit more. Keep it up, all of you! Curious, what are you studying? Cheers from the soggy western ‘burbs of Chicago.

  5. David

    Thanks for all the great work you do and for the inspiring videos.
    Big thanks // David ( Sweden )

      • David

        I think our Homebrew scene is a copy of your’s. Just like the Craft Beer scene in general. But in smaller proportions ofcourse. This past weekend we had our national homebrew competition and the number of entry’s was among the highest in the history. And the Homebrew blogs is increasing rapidly. So it’s a good time to be a homebrewer and craftbeer lover at this very moment in Sweden and in the rest of the world I think now that all 50th states in the US has done Homebrewing legally.
        Cheers // David

  6. Kevin R

    chip, you mentioned that you are in graduate school. What are you studying?

    • I am getting a Masters of Liberal Studies focusing on brewery industry related topics when possible. It also means I have more books than shelves.

  7. CamNavy

    Could you post a link to the podcast from the Monday Session? I can’t find it on the Brewing Network site. Thanks!

  8. Nick

    When I text “Chop and Brew” it autoccorects to “Chip and Brew”…. Awesome

  9. henderan

    “What’s wrong with the beer we got? It drank pretty good.” – I want THAT on a bumper sticker

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