Bad Ass Burton Ale Recipe


As brewed by Bryon Adams in Brewing TV – Episode 40: Bad Ass Brewery. Inspired by “Absent Friends Burton Ale” recipe from Zymurgy magazine (Jan/Feb 2011). See back issue for history on style and tips/tricks to brewing some a bodacious beer. Recipe below.

12-Month Tasting Notes via Brewing TV
18-Month Tasting Notes via Chop & Brew

Details for 10-gallon batch
Original Gravity (post-boil): 1.084

– 26 lbs Maris Otter
– 0.5 lb Chocolate Malt

– 2 oz whole leaf East Kent Goldings (first wort hops)
– 16 oz whole leaf East Kent Goldings (90 min)
– 5-Gallon Batch #1: 3 oz whole leaf U.S. Fuggles (dry hops after aging 18 months)
– 5-Gallon Batch Batch #2: 3 oz whole leaf UK East Kent Goldings (dry hops after again 18 months)

– Wyeast 1945 NB NeoBritannia (two-step starter)

– Mash-in @ 150F
– Rest for 60 min
– Sparge with 169F water until 12 gallons collected
– Add 2 oz FWH whole leaf East Kent Goldings hops as kettle fills with wort
– At near-boil start adding and stirring in 16 oz whole leaf East Kent Goldings hops (good luck!)
– Boil 90 min
– Chill and transfer to fermentor. Pitch yeast.
– Rack to secondary at SG 1.017.
– Store and mature 12-18 months.
– Prior to bottling/kegging, split batch into two carboys, dry hop one with with 3 oz. U.S. Fuggles and other with 3 oz East Kent Goldings for two weeks. Or leave one un-dry-hopped to see the difference?



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