1. teal379

    Was there a bit of a vinyl collection there? I’m thinking you need to do a bit of a rundown of music/brew/bacon pairings…..

  2. Scott M.

    Chip, I’ve got an off subject question for you. I’m going to go nose to nose with mother nature and attempt to grill up some Memphis style ribs. I’m in the southern metro and she isn’t going to be playing nice for next week or so. What is a good beer that I can pair up with ribs? Any suggestions? Cheers!

    • You could go like-for-like and have something smoky or roasty – porter, smoked anything… Surly Smoke! Or go for something more dry and maybe peppery (saison?) to clear the palate before every saucy bite? A schwarzbier could be nice, too.

  3. Loved the brief visit to your beer supply room. Might be a nice episode to explore in more detail to get some ideas. I’m going to get a peg board for sure. Also, you mentioned the carboy with RR Sanctification dregs. Curious how long you can hold dregs after draining the beer off before viability/contamination is an issue.

  4. Robb Howard

    Chip, how long are you going to age the #1 and will it be bottle or bulk? I brewed that it on 12/31/12 (My OG was 1.115). primary 1 month, bottle halloween, one case for Christmas 2013 one for 2014. Dang those Mayans now I have to plan for the future.

    • It’s my first attempt at the beer. But I have a buddy that brewed it nearly two years ago. He aged it for a months, kegged it, had it on tap for one dangerous weekend, then decided to bottle the rest. So he’s enjoying one or two bottles every other month or so and he says the brett is still evolving and changing the beer in wondrous ways. I think it could be aged for years! My plan is to keg it and drink it all in one day by myself while playing prison-rules dominoes with my in-laws. 🙂

      Just kidding. I’ll bottle it for sure. I’m sure you’ll see some video of it at some point. Cheers!

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