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  2. Shooting tasting notes with MZA and putting out a video in one night? Thanks all the hard work and effort Mr. Walton!

  3. JP

    Cheers to Grandma Lois. I also have a grandma Lois. Keep up the good work Chip love the show.

  4. Dave M

    Way to go, Chip. That why we love your videos, dude. Real, totally real. Makes me miss my Gramma.

  5. I seriously thought this was a transcendent episode – I think you could win an award with it, even outside of the chop & brew worlds.

  6. JDLadyLuckbrewing

    Family. Good stuff.
    I’ll be making them this winter. In my Irish house growing up, potato pancakes were left over mash potatoes with a little egg and flour added. I’ll try this variant with the sugar added.

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