Hoppy New Year 2018 Video Contest


Happy brew year, Chop & Brew fans. To kick off 2018 in super-hopped fashion, Chop & Brew is hosting a its 2nd Annual Hoppy New Year Video Co

ntest & Giveaway. This ain’t no simple social media “tag a friend” or photo post contest. And it’s going to take more than great brewing skills to impress our (highly unscientific) panel of contest judges. You’ll need to create some amazing video!

The prize? Five pounds of bad ass American hops and other hop-tastic goodies from Brewers Supply Group and a copy of Stan Hieronymus’s For the Love of Hops, published by Brewers Publications.

What sort of videos are we looking for? That’s completely up to you, but the more creative the better. Some ideas we came up with over a few pints: poems about or odes to hops, hip-hop verses about the glory of hoppy beers, goofy skits, well-written (or not so well-written) songs, interpretive dance, short films, etc. They can be super simple, scripted, freestyle, captured on the fly, or highly edited. The sky is the limit.

To get an idea of what kind of goofiness we’re encouraging and willing to accept, please refer to last year’s contest entries embedded below (including last year’s winner, Brian Huntley of Short Circuited Brewers) and/or the Chop & Brew #27: C&B Theme Song Impression Contest.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get your friends together (or go at it lone wolf style) to shoot a short hop-themed or hop-inspired video – preferably in landscape/horizontal orientation… not vertical with blank space on the sides.
  • Post it to YouTube with the title: Chop & Brew Hoppy New Year 2018 Video.
  • Once your video is live, email the video link to chopandbrew@gmail.com with the same subject line so that we can track entries.
  • We do encourage you to share your video’s YouTube link via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) tagging @chopandbrew and #HoppyNewYear. We may even share your video. Be sure to include your own Twitter or Instagram handle in your video so other fans know where they can see more of your hoppy antics.
  • However, it is very important to note that your YouTube submission upload and email to Chop & Brew is your official entry.

Hoppy New Year Video Contest & Giveaway video submissions must be posted to YouTube before 11:59 p.m. Central Time Friday, February 9, 2018. The videos will then be viewed and judged by a room full of Chop & Brew goofballs. A winner will be announced and contacted by Chip Walton from Chop & Brew before Friday, February 26, 2018. Winner will receive the Hoppy New Year 2018 Prize Pack including the items listed below. Shipping will be complimentary. International submissions are encouraged. We’ll ship this prize package over land and sea!

Prize Pack for Hoppy New Year 2018 Video Contest

Good luck and have fun. Chop for chop, brew for brew!


Contest Disclaimer: WINNER MUST BE 21+. If you were one of our three winners from last month’s #MaltyChristmas contest, sorry – you’re ineligible, but you can totally still play along and post a rad video. By submitting a video for this contest, you give Chop & Brew /

chipaway media permission to include the video in whole or edited form in an upcoming Chop & Brew episode and social media posts.