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Chop and Brew 5My name is Chip Walton. For the last three years, I’ve been producing videos for Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply – chief among them Brewing TV. I have parted ways with NB & BTV, but I’m obsessed as ever with homebrewing and video production. And I want to continue telling stories of life’s great pleasures – good eats and drinks. Enter “Chop & Brew.”

Chop & Brew is a blog and webshow about life’s great food and fermentations. A large focus will be on homebrewing of all sorts – extract, partial mash, BIAB, and all-grain; ales, lagers, and experimental brews. C&B will also feature and highlight other home fermentations such as wine, mead, sake and kombucha. And we’ll also talk about cooking, barbecuing, grilling, roasting, smoking, curing, freezing — and the spaces wherein food and fermentation meet.

I’m proud to present this blog and show alongside my friends which include amateur and professional foodies and homebrewers. We’re going to have a great time and hope you follow us here at chopandbrew.com, as well as on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Blog posts and short-form “Lagniappe” videos will appear fairly regular with longer-format “Episodes” released when content and consideration merits.

This project is just beginning. I’m working on a long list of episode ideas and acquiring equipment that will result in the highest production quality I can afford. Cheers!

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Photo: Jon Weber

Photo: Jon Weber



  1. Loved Brewing TV. I will be sure to what you on this new endeavor as well, keep up the good work.

  2. Eric Eitelgeorge

    Sad you left brewingTV. Glad your are still choppin’ up the homebrew vids. Video Request (like I commented on Facebook): Clemifornia Commontine brined roast duck!

  3. Jboku


    RSS feed Subscribed | Twitter Followed | chopandbrew.com bookmarked

  4. Seth

    I’m glad you resurfaced. Really looking forward to this project!!

  5. Bryan B.

    Good to see that the three amigos are still in the interwebs! I cant wait for some HD vids!

  6. Dave

    Bookmarked! (Not that you had to ask or even say please.) Congrats on the new endeavor. Looking forward to some chopping and brewing vids.

  7. Hey Chip,
    Sorry to hear that you left BTV. I look forward to checking out the new stuff though! Even though I’m a big BTV fan I look forward to your expanded format. I wish you luck in your new venture!

  8. Bryan B.

    Good to see you and the two other amigos are still on the interwebs doing beer stuff! Are you planning on mainly doing vids, or a mix of videos and wordblogs?

  9. JoshuaC

    I’m happy to see you are spreading your “video wings” beyond BTV. I loved watching the chemistry between you, Dawson, Keeler and others and can’t wait to see what is next. Brew on!

  10. Brian S

    Beer, brewing, and foodie fair in an unpretentious format? Awesome! When you make it big enough to travel to Vermont- you’ll like what you’ll find. I promise. Thanks for pursuing this- looking forward to going along for the ride.

  11. Ricky Damstra

    Keep up the good work! I loved your work on BTV for it’s perfect blend of irreverence and old-school Saturday afternoon PBS “we’re gonna teach you how to do some stuff the right way” spirit. Hoping for more of the same from Chop and Brew!

    How about an exploration of kombucha and kombucha beer blends vs. “traditional” sour beers? I’ve been thinking that a blend of a beer and kombucha might be a shortcut to some sour beer funk. My wife has made kombucha in the past and I brew beer, but the chocolate hasn’t met the peanut butter yet, so to speak.

    Another interesting topic might be making your own aromatic bitters for cocktails and culinary applications.

    Give ‘er hell!

  12. Bryan B.

    Good to see you joined the two other amigos and got a blog (would that make you Martin Short, or Steve martin?). Cant wait to see some vids!

  13. Bryan B.

    Damn, sorry for the three posts, posted them from my phone and couldnt see they were awaiting moderation, eek.

  14. Jason Walther

    Your odd winter stout recipe is in secondary right now. Big fan of yours, keep up the good work. Maybe do a hard cider show.

    Again, good job!

  15. Kevin R

    would like to see chip and guys make some homemade sausage that has been smoked and paired with a delicious homebrew!!

    • Sausage-making is certainly in the plans, hopefully with the one and only Kris England. He doesn’t know yet. Mum’s the word. 🙂

  16. Cheers Chip! Thank you so much for all you have done already!!! I was saddened by yours, Mike’s and Jakes departure from NB. It was so sudden and I am sure there was cause but that is Ok . I am gonna continue to support you guys as I always have. I am so excited for this next chapter in your video-ography career. Anyway I am rambling cheers All for Brew and Brew for All !

    With Much Love and Respect

  17. kylito87

    Cheers Chip. Thank you so much for what you have done already. I was saddened by your’s , Mike’s , and Jake’s sudden departure from NB. I haven’t even got a chance to frame your autograph pic yet LOL. Thanks again and I am excited to start this next chapter of Beer and Food with you and BA . Cheers and Beers!

  18. Phil

    Glad to see you three back online! Hope to see some awesome smoked meats and some weird brews, cheers!

  19. Really looking forward to this new site, Chip. Glad I found the new landing zones for all my old BTV buddies, everybody with his own blog. Can’t wait for your tasting notes on the Burton Ale.

  20. Michael

    Hi Chip,

    As much as I was surprised by the sudden departures from your former employer, I am glad to see you starting on a new project. I too have recently had a major employment change after 10 years. For me at least, it has been a very difficult psychological experience. I hope you are doing ok. Know that you have a lot of fans out there. You have plenty of support from the community.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  21. R.I.P. BTV. That was by far the best video series out there on home brewing, particularly when you also had Dawson and Keeler in the mix — it was the right blend of personality, knowledge, wit, and instruction. I look forward to seeing how C&B evolves.

    You’re always welcome to crash my home brewery with your camera and mash up some double decoction madness.

    Good luck, Chip!

  22. Joe J.

    Oh snap! I love me some beer and food! Can’t wait for this to get rolling!

  23. Colin

    Good luck Chip, I really enjoyed the BTV stuff and I’m really looking forward to this new project.

  24. warren (UK)

    Its a shame about BTV but this new project has the scope to be even better food and beer! Throw in some guitars and a spattering of food and brew related ditties and it will be the best

    Good luck chief!!!!

  25. James

    Hey! It would be awesome if you did some kombucha brew tutorial! Good Luck! Cheers!

  26. Robb Howard

    Chip, Scariest picture I ever saw was when I opened an e-mail and CW’s picture opened and he had a white bunny leach in the corner of his mouth (you still owe me a clean pair of shorts). Please know that you helped educate a novice, motivated a newbee, and never left me feeling like I was being talked down to. Thank you for the past and good luck on your future Illegitamae Nil Carborundum (Don’t let the bastards grind you down) roughly translated. PS After my homemade Beer pretzel carmel fiasco this Christmas an episode on candy with beer would be nice Mmmmmmmmmmmm…Beer and carmel.

  27. Big J

    Good Luck with the new project. Got an Ice cream maker for Christmas, there must be a way to incorporate beer into ice cream.

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