1. Damn that looks like a tasty beer. Thanks for the update, Chip & Bryon! I plan on trying this recipe later this month. Good seeing you guys back together on the youtubes!

  2. BAD ASS

    I’d like to try this again too, but the wait is brutal. Maybe do one every year so something is ready yearly. Guess I better build me a beer cave too!! Glad you’re on board!!!

  3. Glad to hear you’re carrying on with the brewing video goodness! I was stoked when I saw this beer brewed 18 months ago, and I’m tempted to brew this insane beast myself. I like having long running beers tempting me in a carboy. Thanks again for carrying on the goodness!!

  4. BigBrew79

    Nice job, guys! Bryon, the Bad Ass Brewery deserves a bad ass beer cave to go along with that amazing setup. I sense a Chop & Brew episode idea forming.

  5. Dave

    Here’s your slogan:
    “Roaring fires! Malt beer! Ripe meat from the bone! Chop and brew!”

    With apologies to Gimli. Perfect for a little back and forth at the end whether you are cooking or brewing.

    Or how about:
    That’s one small chop for Chip, that’s Chop and Brew.

  6. Dave

    I guess that should be, “Ripe meat off the bone”, and no I’m not saying you remind me of Gimli, but you might be able to pull it off with a good costume.

  7. Mark

    Nice! Now time for Chip to read the manual for the HD camera. 🙂

    • Oh… I know how to use it! 🙂
      It’s actually the same camera I used at Northern Brewer / Brewing TV.
      They sold it to me on my way out. Just gotta get the computer up and running that can handle it. Soon!

  8. Michael

    Hey, thanks for the update guys. Glad to see some new stuff from you Chip and Mr. Badass! I’ve had a personal lull in homebrewing the last six months, but I’m feeling it again. Thanks Chip!

  9. Justin

    Cool to see the beer go from grain to glass guys, awesome. Do you think that bottle conditioning would help with the mouth feel that you thought it was lacking?

  10. Eric

    Chip, good to see you out in the wild having fun again. I love the beer blogging but what will be the inaugeral cooking post? I just assembled a brand new Weber so I vote ribs. I seem to remember Bryon making some awesome looking ribs while you brewed this burton ale. Maybe you guys could work the Chop and Brew magic on some Ribs. Looking forward to what ever you do. Eric

    • Bryon is a rib fiend! I’m also shooting an episode right now with a buddy who is making bacon three ways!

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