Tasting Notes: Bama Dynasty Crimson Ale & Return of O’Rojo Spiced Irish Red


Chop & Brew Lagniappe. This is part of the tasting notes from Episode 05 that we didn’t feel like there was really time for in the actual episode. Also, the beers are not that good. To no fault of their own. Check it out.



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  2. CozzyB

    Nice to see it isn’t just me who can make a bad batch, some homebrewers seem to keep really quiet about these so it looks like they have 100% success, seeing this helps me feel better about my bad ones.

    • Agreed. I have stomached a few I would have rather not and I just recently dumped a whole keg of over-oaked IPA that I didn’t want to take up keg space waiting for it mellow. Though I did fill a few EZ Cap bottles first.

  3. Matt B

    My brothers and I have had a good run of successful batches lately, but I did just recently dump two batches of fail – one was a highly astringent Oktoberfest (bitter beer face, anyone?) and the other was a pumpkin ale that tasted like moldy pumpkin. Everyone has a less than perfect success rate, which helps us appreciate even more the ones that turn out well.

  4. You could always throw some 3763 roselare or some other sour bugs in and let it sit and see what you get…a 7$ addition to potentially save 5 gallons

    • This is a great suggestion. Also have a Winter Warmer that sat in primary way too long. Perhaps this is a good treatment option for it, too. Thanks for the idea!

  5. John Nasset

    I used the BRY-97 a few times and wasn’t that crazy about it. Ever think about adding some US-05 to the Bama to get it down to a lower FG?

    • I will likely go with the classic Wyeast 1056 next attempt. And use Pils LME instead of Gold which has too much cyrstal already in the mix. Cheers!

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