Westvleteren XII Tasting and Rap Session


Once upon a time, three dudes received an amazing gift in the form of a very rare beer. They recently got together, shot a video about it, and ended up in a conversation about rare beers in general.

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  1. Colin

    Great review, even better that it was done by the three amigos.

    Well done, keep em coming !!

  2. Nick Welden

    Personally I love that “exclusive” feeling that you get that comes along with having a rare item (beer or otherwise), but at the end of it does the price really justify it or is it just a novelty?

  3. Steve

    Thanks guys, Sounds like an interesting beer. Glad to you guys back together for another vid. Looking forward to following all the blogs. Keep them coming. Would love to see some killer recipes for food and beer in the future.

  4. Morten

    I had the Westy 10 and 12 last weekend.
    I do think they are great beers, but as you covered, they are somewhat hyped up to a level where the scarcity surpasses the quality of the beer.

  5. Awesome to see you guys together and an spot on review of this beer. We had the pleasure of trying a bottle at a club meeting and it was a treat. I agree that the story is part of what makes this beer what it is, it was like drinking a bit of history. And a d@mn good beer.

    Keep up the good work, Chip!!

  6. nordeastbrewer77

    Awesome to see you guys together and an awesome review. I agree that the story behind this beer is what makes it what it is. We got to try it at a club meeting and it was like drinking a bit of history…. and a d@mn good beer.

    Chip, keep up the great work man!!

  7. Robb Howard

    Thank you for posting a new episode. It made my Friday.

  8. the 3 musketeers ride again
    missed u guys
    alot of us would be willing to put money towards chop and brew
    we need a new slogan like brew for all/all for brew
    i would come up with 1 but i drank to much home brew
    would luv to see u 3 at at major brew fest/or such with all ur glory on camera
    maybe just a little rub on nb?????
    we the public support u guys more than u know

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  10. Paul

    Every beer geek and true Belgium Beer lover needs to eventually head to Mecca and visit some of these places. Even going to pick up some Westy at the Monastery is an adventure!

  11. Great to see you three in front of the camera again! Hope you get to film some new stuff together. Keep up the good work.

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