You saw (or can see) this beast of a strong English ale (barleywine-plus) in Chop & Brew Lagniappe “Tasting Notes: ANGLOZILLA.”
Thanks to Keith Ciani for all recipe ingredients, processes and inspirations. Chip.

English Strong (very strong) – aka Skywalker OG – aka Anglozilla

5 gallon batch (more like 3.75 gallons after boil)
25 lbs maris otter
1 lb english chocolate malt
1 lb of EKG leaf hops (5.6%aa)
wlp 005 and wlp 001

*I had a 54 qt mash tun cooler – so there was room
90 mash 150 – 148 degrees

3 hour boil (can’t find what my preboil vol was, but it was likely around 7 gallons…was down to 3.75 gal after 3 hr boil)
*preboil gravity was 1.090….post boil was 1.148! which was higher than anicipated…

Hop schedule (ibu estimation 71):
4oz at 120 min
4oz at 45 min
4oz at 10 min
4oz at 1 min
*each addition in a muslin bag or two, so they can be removed…

-two big starters of wlp005 – pitched after aeration (ferm started in 1 hr) – however, 005 does not have the alcohol tolerance to ferm a 1.148 beer down to an acceptable FG.
-so, made two big starters of 001 to add later
Aeration and yeast schedule:
brewday: aerate and pitch shit-tons of 005
day 2: re-aerated
day 3: morning – brief re-aerate and pitch starter of 001
day 4: evening – pitched other starter of 001
ferm temp was around 67-72 entire way (let free rise to 72 towards end to help attenuation)
*gravity sample after 2 weeks was at 1.038 (approx 74% attenuation, ~14% abv)
*racked after 25 days (still at 1.038)
*kegged 33 days after brewday (still at 1.038)

*I caution anyone from kegging a beer this big:) My intention was to have this occupy one of my two kegerator faucets for a long time given I had a newborn on the way… this plan worked — but it stayed on tap for a good 6 months or so. Probably better to bottle it given the high cost of making this beer. That said, I can see how bottling a 14% beer could be tricky…i.e., correct priming.



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  2. I really want to try this recipe, but I’m not sure my Mash Tun can take the grain bill. (10G cooler) I am going to try a modified version, but I want to get some advice on the yeast pitching. In the tasting notes DonO has 3 pitches of yeast while I see a possible 4? also are they 1L starters? 2L?

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