British Bitter


Recipe from Chop & Brew All-Star Ryan Schenian as seen brewed with his mother Judi and father Mike in Chop & Brew – Episode 36: Big Brew Day at Summit Brewing Company. This recipe is for five gallons Brew In A Bag method with hand-sparge. All brew notes are Ryan’s.

OG: 1.043

6.0 lbs British Golden Promise
0.25 lbs English Extra Dark Crystal Malt

Line kettle with large Brew In A Bag friendly mesh bag.
Mash grains in with 2.25 gallons of water for 152F mash temp.
I tend to use a little more mash water since my kettle is so wide I want all the grain to be in the water during mashing.”
Hold temp for 60 min.
For the sparge, the water was 165F and we used about 5.25 gallons.
Also, we had a really high gravity in the kettle so I added water before the end of the boil to hit our OG.

Boil for 60 min.

1 lb Corn Sugar @ 60 min
1 oz US Fuggles @ 60 min
1 oz UK Kent Goldings @ 45 min
1 oz Styrian Goldings @ 5 min

Ferment at 66 degrees with Wyeast 1469 West Yorkeshire