Dandelion Wine Recipes



In Chop & Brew – Episode 60, we discussed at length the process of making dandelion wine at home. We also sampled three different dandelion wines, two from Don Osborn and one from Chip Walton. Unfortunately, Chip is a horrible note-taker when it comes to fermentation. It wasn’t always that way. Early on in his homebrewing career, Chip was insane with the note-taking, documenting pops/minute in airlocks, changes in appearance and flavor of fermenting wort. Not so much these day. So the notes from his 2014 vintage dandelion are essentially lost to the world. But, thankfully, the man who inspired Chip to try making dandelion wine is Don Osborn. And Don Osborn is a much better documentarian of many fermentations over at his epic Homebrew Log.

Below are the recipes for his two version of dandelion wine as seen enjoyed and analyzed in episode 60:

Also check out this WineMaker magazine article,”Dandy Dandelion Wine.” It was helpful and informative in our research of dandelion wine.

In the episode we also suggested Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers. It’s a really cool book full of ancient and historic ingredients, fermentation information, and recipes. If you are interested in purchasing the book, please use this custom link so that your purchase helps to support Chop & Brew.

Lastly, perhaps you came to this recipe page in hopes of finding those wonderful hand-written recipe cards for Grandma Lois’s Danelion Wine (as transcribed by Chip’s Uncle Tom) from the old days? Here you go!