Foreign Extra Stout


Recipe provided to Brew Your Own Magazine by Summit Brewing Company head brewer Damian McConn as part of BYO’s article “Learning Lessons From Pilot Brewing Systems: How the Pros Perfect Their Recipes” (October 2014). Thanks to Damian McConn and BYO for sharing this great recipe with homebrewers around the world. This beer was a stepping stone to the beer that become Summit’s Union #2: Rebellion Stout released in Fall 2013.

OG: 1.076 / FG: 1.014
IBU: 65 / SRM: 52 / ABV: 8.5%

13.7 lbs MCI Irish Stout Malt
1.5 lbs Simpsons Black Malt
1 lb Crisp Amber Malt

Add calcium chloride to brewing water for a minimum 100 ppm of calcium.
Mash grains at 144F, hold temperature for 30 min
Raise grain bed to 151F, hold temp for 30 min
Raise grain bed to mash out at 172F then begin to sparge.
Sparge until you collect 6 gallons in your kettle or until pre-boil gravity reaches about 1.063.
Total boil time is 60 min.

1.4 oz German Select (5%AA) @ 60 min
0.7 oz German Select @ 10 min
0.7 oz Phoenix [difficult to find in the US, substitue with Northdown] (4.8%AA) @ 10 min
1.4 oz UK Progress (6%AA) @ 0 min
0.7 Brewer’s Gold (dry hop)

1/2 Whirlfloc tablet @ 10 min

At 0 minutes, add the last addition of hops and give the wort a stir for at least one minute and let settle for 20 minutes.
If your work pH needs adjusting, add lactic acide to be sure your wort is at 5.2 at this point.
Chill wort to 68F, let cold break settle, pitch yeast and aerate.

Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale or White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale

Ferment at 70F for five days or until signs of fermentation have subsided.
Add dry hops and let the beer sit on the dry hops for five days.
Drop to 54F and condition the beer for three weeks at this temperature.
Rack to keg and force carbonate or rack to a bottling bucket, add priming sugar and bottle.
Target carbonation levels around 2.4 volume CO2.