Grandma Lois’ German Potato Pancakes Recipe


As seen made by Grandma Lois, Elsa and Chip’s Mom in the Chop & Brew Lagniapple video “German Potato Pancakes with Mom & Grandma Lois.”

Measurements are old-school, informal, casual grandma-style. Tweak to taste and specifications.

Ingredients (serves four):
– 8-10 potatoes (Russet or other, NOT Yukon)
– vegetable oil (enought to fill pan/griddle to 1/8-1/4 inch)
– 5 Tbsp flour
– 2 or 3 eggs
– 1 tsp salt (or to taste)
– milk (enough to thin mixture to a somewhat soupy mashed potatoes texture)
– white sugar
– applesauce (optional)
– NO ketchup

– Heat griddle with oil to 400+F [you want to fry ’em hot and fast!]
– Spoon potato mixture into heated oil, spread with spoon to 1/4 in thinck
– Repeat for several pancakes, do not crowd them, do not allow them to touch
– Cook 4-5 min or until underside is brown and somewhat crispy and the edges are lacy
– Flip pancakes and cook other side in oil for 4-5 min.
– Remove from oil to plate or paper towel, top with white sugar. Grandma Lois says a LOT of sugar.
– Keep warm in warm oven while cooking other pancakes
– Optional toppping: even more sugar and/or applesauce



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  2. I cooked some potato cakes to go along with dinner tonight. Excellent recipe, with some apple sauce it was basically desert!

  3. Markus

    those Potato Pancakes are called in german: Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer

    as an addition I would recommend 1 small onion chopped in tiny pieces and added
    to the grinding process of the potatoes.


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