Mesquite and Agave Mead (Based for Sour Barrel Aged Mead)


Recipe below for Mesquite and Agave Mead by Steve Fletty, two-time Meadmaker of the Year (2007 & 2017). This can be made as a stand-along mead or as a base for a Chipotle Mead or Sour Barrel Aged Mead with instructions below. Reprinted with his permission. See and hear more from Fletty in Chop & Brew – Episode 62. Also see this presentation for additional advice on Making Mead the Easy Way by fellow master meadmaker Steve Piatz.

Mesquite and Agave Mead
  • 9 lbs mesquite honey
  • 9 lbs blue agave nectar, light
  • 3 gallons water
  • yeast nutrient
  • 71B (Narbonne yeast) – 2 packets
Blend water & honey. Add nutrients. Rehydrate yeast with GoFerm. Pitch yeast. The Narbonne yeast will knock off at least 100 gravity points. OG will be high, around 1.145-50. We want the high gravity so there will be residual sweetness.
After primary, about 2-3 weeks, rack to secondary. Gravity should be around 1.050.
Now, there are 2 options:
Option 1: Chipotle Mead
Add 2 chipotles, broken open, to carboy. Test every 12-24 hours for heat level. Rack off chipotles when the heat level is where you like it. Fine with Super Kleer and bottle.
Option 2: Barrel-Aged Sour Mead
If you have a sour barrel, rack to sour barrel let sit….fine and package at some point when you have good sour/barrel character.