Mino’s Super Berry 2.5 Melomel


This award-winning melomel made by Mino Choi was sampled and discussed in Chop & Brew – Episode 21. Thanks to Mino for sharing the recipe with us. Per Mino:

For 5 gallons:

2 gallons of wild flower or orange blossom honey
2 3/4 gallons of spring water
Large nylon bag
15 lbs of triple berry mix
Wyeast wine nutrient

– Dissolve honey and water in 7.9 gallon bucket.
– Add fruit to nylon bag and place in fermenter. If available/in-season, add 4-5 lbs of black currants or any other dark skin berry (mulberries, elderberries, etc.) or any other fruits you want to try – like strawberries, dark cherries, etc.
– Add 2 tsp Wyeast wine nutrient
– Pitch yeast: For sweeter mead use 71B7-1122 yeast. For drier use ED1118 from Lalvin.
– Staggered nutrient addition: 1/2 tsp Wyeast Wine Nutrient first day, then next 3 days in a row; agitating the bucket with lid on rocking it to de-gas
– Primary ferment for one month, remove fruit after three weeks.
– Rack to secondary, and let sit for two months.
– Rack again then use fining agents or filter, then bottle



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  2. Hey Chip,

    I think those yeasts should be “71B-1122” for sweet and “EC1118” for dry. Did Mino write those down for you after you guys finished off the bottles?!

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  4. Jason

    What does Mino use to fine the mead once it’s ready to bottle?

    • mino

      U can cold crash it or let it sit then rack off it I rarely filter it and dont like using fining agents by the time month 4 comes and its ready its pretty much crystal clear

  5. Steven

    Mino – When you use 15 lbs of triple berry mix, do you get the frozen bags or do you buy fresh?

    • I believe that he buys frozen (as I have also done in the past for mead/melomel) b/c they break down much easier as/when they thaw. Chip @ C&B

      • Mino

        I use frozen because with fresh u sometimes freeze it to break down cell walls to release juice frozen is cheaper and convenient I dont thaw it I actually put it in frozen so I get 100 percent of the juice I place in a nylon bag and I put the yeast in right away it obvipusly wont ferment until it warms a bit but in a day or two it takes off … but if u dont feel comfortable with that u can put in and then wait a day or so the pitch or let the fruit thaw just make sure to put the nylon in a big bowl then put fruit in juice will run out then u can pour that in as well thats alot of color and flavor but for me its just another liability so I put it all in and wait for it to go

  6. Anthony

    I just made a batch and it’s about four months old. It’s only my second mead. Do you have any tasting notes? In mine I get dry red wine with a slight fruit after taste there is a little alcohol burn but nothing crazy and it’s slightly tannic.

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