Mino’s Triple-Decoction Bavarian Wheat Beer


This award-winning beer brewed by Mino Choi was sampled and discussed in Chop & Brew – Episode 21. Thanks to Mino for sharing the basics of this recipe with us. Per Mino:

For five gallon batch:
6 lbs Weyerman Wheat
4 lbs 2-Row

First protein rest 10 min at 122F
Scoop out 1/3 of the mash and put in separate pot and heat to 156 for 40 min… then bring to a boil for 15 min and add back to mash which raises mash temp to 135-140F. Let rest for 30 min then scoop out 1/3 of mash and bring to a boil for 15 min the add back to Mash which raises temp 150-154F. Then rest for 40 min then scoop out 1/4 mash and bring to boil then add back to mash to mash-out. Sparge.

Boil for 60 min.
Add 1 oz of Tettnang or Hallertau at 60 min.

Ferment with White Labs 300 or Wyeast 3068. Aim for a fermentation temperature in the mid-60s F.



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  2. Harry

    I’m assuming that “fermentation temperature” means the temperature of the fermenting wort: not the ambient temperature. Is that right? (great episode, by the way — always happy to see brewers that are enthusiastic, pragmatic and scientific about process and ingredients!)

  3. Rudeboy

    Do you need to add rice hulls for lautering? Do you add them at mash out or can you boil them with the decoction?


    • Mino says:
      I dont add rice hulls but you can add them during mash. Youcan boil them, I just never add them though

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  5. Matty b

    So what initial gravity are you shooting for with a 5 gallon batch?

    • mino

      I usually make it to 1.060 yes its not to style but the consumption to buzz ratio is perfect for me personally but I find that 1.056 is also very good

  6. Meatless in Montana

    The timing isn’t quite adding up for me. First rest at 122F is for 10 min. That is entire mash contents by the way I read it. At 10 min, take out 1/3 of mash and rest at 156, then boil for 15. So total time the 1/3 spends away is at least 40+15+time to heat, so perhaps at least 65-75 minutes? The remaining 2/3 sits at 122F give or take for total of 75-85 minutes?

    • mino

      What I do is scoop out 1 /3 of the mash to a separate pot and and put on stove and get it to 156 once it hits that temp I move the pot off the hot burner to a different burner and cover with lid and wrap woth a towel then let that rest for 40 min then boil for 15 then add it directly to the mash and mix it in to raise the temp of the mash so yeah its away from the main mash for a while I use Rubbermaid mashtun so it holds heat. This whole brew takes me 5 1/2-6 hours to do

      • mino

        I start heating that 1/3 it takes less than 10 min to get to 156 I use high heat but make sure there is enough water so it wont scorch and u keep it moving with a spoon

  7. Naptown brewer

    How thick is your mash when you decoct brew? I am thinking fairly thin to to somewhere in the middle of thickness

    • mino

      Medium thickness u can also add a touch of water so u dont have to stir it as much once it starts to heat up it’ll be easier to stir up as well bi t the main thing is keep it moving so it doesnt scorch

  8. Michael Burnett

    Brewed this recipe today. I followed the instructions and hit all the numbers. I just wanted to share that the recipe and instructions are solid.
    Looking forward to drinking it

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