Simon’s “Danko Rye” Recipe (NYC Homebrew Tour)


Recipe for Simon Tepas’ “Danko Rye” as seen and discussed in Chop & Brew – Episode 19: NYC Homebrew Tour. Thanks to Simon for sharing this recipe. All notes are his:

Danko Rye
11 gallons
Pre-boil G: 13.2 P (1.054)
OG: 14 P (1.057)
FG: 6.6 P (1.007)
IBU: 30
SRM: 5-6
ABV: 6.5%

16.00 lbs Am 2-Row 60%
5.00 lbs Rye malt 19%
2.00 lbs Wheat malt 7.5%
1.25 lbs CaraPils 5%
1.12 lbs Carahell 10L 4%
1.12 Vienna malt 4%

– Single infusion mash @ 152F, 60 min
– 60 min boil + 15 min whirlpool
– 1 tsp Irish Moss + yeast nutrient @ 10 min left

0.75 Columbus 12.3% – 60 min (75 including whirlpool)
0.5 oz Simcoe 13% – 5 min (20 min incl wp)
1.0 oz Citra 12.5% – F/O (15 min incl wp)
0.5 oz Simcoe 13% – F/O (15 min incl wp)

US-05 (or any clean ale yeast)
– pitched 2 x 11.5g packs at 65F
– held at 65-66F for 4 days, then to 69-70F to help finish

Dry Hop
1 oz Citra
0.50 oz Cascade
0.50 oz Simcoe


– DH process: either
1) add DH to primary when attenuated down to ~60%,
2) allow ferment to finish, then cold crash primary for 24-48 hours.
Rack cold beer onto DH in secondary, flushing hops, tubing and headspace w CO2.
Allow to come to room temp, hold 24-72 hours, then crash back down and rack to keg.
(Extra work, but keeps the yeast cake in better shape if you plan to re-use, and helps clarify the beer a bit before kegging.)

– This beer can be very cloudy, possible from the dh, the wheat, or rye dextrins? I either dose it once or twice with gelatin, or call it a ‘hoppy wheat’

– This is a very drinkable beer with pretty low bitterness, but big hop aromas and flavors carried by a deceptively simple grainy, sweet malt. I like the tropical fruit, citrus and spiciness I get from this hop combo, but Citra+Nelson Sauvin can be great too. The rye here is not as prominent as in some rye beers, and the heritage Danko variety I originally brewed this with gave an even subtler rye character. I can’t get that variety any more so I just brew with whatever standard malted rye I can get my hands on (I did scale back the rye % a little to accommodate this). Overall it comes across as a wheat beer with a little extra malt dimension, and I think the rye/ vienna/ wheat combo creates a great background for the low-bittering/ high flavor hop load. I poured 10 gallons of this at my sister’s wedding last spring and everyone loved it – beer nerds and bud drinkers alike.



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