Spicy Beef Stick (Snack Stick) Recipe

  Here is the recipe that Paul Fowler was inspired by for his Spicy Beef Sticks. Originally re-posted by user pensrock at the Bradley Smoker Forum. NOTE: Paul Fowler uses at 70/30 Beef/Pork Mix and does not use the ECA (Encapsulated Citric Acid) mentioned in the original recipe below. Greg’s Spicy Beef Sticks 10 pound recipe (5 pound

Chop & Brew – Episode 42: Making Snack Sticks at Home

Chop & Brew goes inside the kitchen and smokehouse of C&B Homebrew Club member Paul Fowler to learn how to make spicy snack sticks at home. [Original postdate: November 5, 2015] Related Links: Greg’s Spicy Beef Stick (Inspiration for Paul Fowler’s Recipe) Bradley Smoker Forum Episode Music by Justin Martin (SoundCloud) Support Chop & Brew: