BrewCon Homebrew Recipes

Here are a two recipes related to Chop & Brew – Episode 59: BrewCon & Homebrewing in Ireland. See below for the following recipes:  Saison’s in the Sun (Table Strength Saison) brewed by Adrian Crombie. This beer won Best of Show at the 2017 Irish National Brewing Championships. Sweet Brown (Almond Cherry Brown Ale) a bonus recipe from Sarah

Jason’s “J.J. Bollerack’s Brown Ale” Recipe (NYC Homebrew Tour)

Recipe for Jason Sahler’s “J.J. Bollerack’s Brown Ale,” as seen and discussed in Chop & Brew – Episode 19: NYC Homebrew Tour. Per Jason: A hybrid American/British ale named for my childhood imaginary friend. This will be one of my flagship beers when Strong Rope Brewery opens. One of my earliest recipes and you can