Hop Asparagus (Cooking Hop Shoots)

The Waltons sit down to a plate of freshly-trimmed and garlic butter sauteed hop shoots. Here are some cool blog posts I found while researching the concept: Brew Lounge – Hop Shoots: It’s What’s for Dinner http://www.brewlounge.com/2008/04/hop-shoots-its-whats-for-dinner.html 20 Minute Garden – Hops for Dinner: Sauteed Hops http://20minutegarden.com/2009/04/28/hops-for-dinner-sauteed-hops/

Chop & Brew – Episode 5.5: Not an Official Episode

In this short “unofficial” episode, Chip pulls himself away from grad school work for a few moments to share some announcements and homebrewing resources. [Postdate: April 28, 2013] Related Links: The Brewing Network Chip & Chris Paynes on Monday edition of The Session (4/29/13) The Beer Engine Blog 20 Acre Carcass Blog Gwen in the