Chop & Brew – Episode 33: Belgian Dark Strong Ales Part 2

Chip, Dawson and Don O. meet up for basement tasting notes on four different variations on the theme of Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 10 gallons split four ways and experimented upon during secondary fermentation. Among topics and techniques discussed are fermentation, fruit-based candi syrups, black tea infusion, buggy oak sticks, and the unique (and

Chop & Brew – Episode 25: Meet the Brewer – Keith Ciani

Chip visits homebrewer/C&B superfan Keith Ciani and his baby girl Nola during a roadtrip to Colorado. The adults in the room discuss small-space brewing, the joys of making sour beers and some DIY methods of lagering at home even without larger freezers or coolers. Nola pond [Original postdate: May 8, 2014] Related Links: Keith Ciani’s