Chop & Brew – Episode 35: Brewing Up A Cure

It’s homebrew for a good cause! This episode takes us to Pittsburgh, PA for the annual Brewing Up A Cure homebrew sampling event. Organized by Three Rivers Underground Brewers (TRUB) homebrew club, BUAC is a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that features dozens of homebrews and some awesome serving stations. Chop & Brew goes

Chop & Brew – Episode 33: Belgian Dark Strong Ales Part 2

Chip, Dawson and Don O. meet up for basement tasting notes on four different variations on the theme of Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 10 gallons split four ways and experimented upon during secondary fermentation. Among topics and techniques discussed are fermentation, fruit-based candi syrups, black tea infusion, buggy oak sticks, and the unique (and

P. Berry’s Batch 1,000 and 1,002 Homebrew Recipes

After shooting the upcoming “Chop & Brew – Episode 31: P. Berry’s Batch 1,000” P. Berry was kind enough to share his recipes for this partial mash homebrews – Batch 1,000 and Batch 1,002 – for anyone who was interested in trying them at home. Cheers, P. Berry! Batch 1000: California Blonde SG: 1.078 FG: