Chop & Brew – Episode 16: Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA

In this Chop & Brew Roundtable episode Chip, DonO and Dawson taste and discuss several IPAs fermented with Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA (Private Collection strain for Sept-Dec 2013). The conversation focuses on the characteristics and usage of Wyeast 1217, but also includes discussion of the new high-alpha German hop Polaris and American hop EXP

Teutonic Chronic German IPA

Instead of reprinting the recipe for Teutonic Chronic German IPA here, Chop & Brew would like you to visit the original post from Michael Dawson’s The Beer Engine Blog. **Note: Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA is currently a Private Collection strain for Sept-Dec 2013. If not available when you brew this beer, Dawson suggests

Chop & Brew – Episode 12: Belgian Dark Strong Ales

Chop & Brew is joined once again by Wyeast brand manager Michael Dawson for a backyard brew session. The goal: a high-gravity Belgian Dark Strong Ale. We discuss what it takes to create a successful “big beer” while sampling a high-octane brew from Dawson’s homebrew cellar. Brewers, we’d love to hear your tips and techniques