Whey Stout Three Ways

Episode 75 | Chip and Paul Fowler taste their way through three different variations of a strong stout brewed with whey. Yes, whey! Shout-out to C&B fan Kent Erickson for sending us the beer. [Original postdate: December 13, 2017] Related Links Kent Erickson’s Whey Stout Three Ways Recipe and Notes Oatmeal Cream Double Stout Homebrew


As seen brewed and tasted in Chop & Brew – Episode 24. Thanks to Michael Dawson for sharing this recipe with us. Also see this great blog post from Dawson via his own The Beer Engine Blog. Target OG: 1.040 Target IBU: 40 5 gal, All-Grain (assuming 75% efficiency – adjust as needed) Grist 5

Chop & Brew – Episode 24: Basement Stout Fest

Three dudes, two stouts, one basement. Chip, Chris Paynes and Michael Dawson enjoy two very different homebrewed stouts – Dawson’s Beamishish and Paynes’ Imperial Irish Cream Coffee Stout – both made with the fairly new high-extract MCI Stout malt. Join us as we discuss the tips and techniques involved in brewing these dark beauties. [Original