Beer Mustard & Bacon Jam with Natedogs

Episode 66: Our friend Nate Beck — the man behind Natedogs artisan hot dog cart — shows us how to make beer mustard and bacon jam. These beer-soused condiments are a perfect accompaniment for hot dogs, but they can also be used in a wide range of other recipes. [Original postdate: September 1, 2017] Related

More Wisdom for Homebrewing with Tea

In Chop & Brew – Episode 38: Homebrewing with Tea, our guest Jessica Hanley told us about her experiences making homebrew using tea. Back when she worked for Twin Cities-based tea purveyor TeaSource, Jess wrote the blog post below on the subject including more information on the three methods we talked about in the episode

Chop & Brew – Episode 19: NYC Homebrew Tour

In this episode of Chop & Brew: it’s the NYC Homebrew Tour! We join beer journalist Joshua M. Bernstein and dozens of beer tourists as they visit three homebrewers and their homebreweries in Brooklyn. [Original postdate: January 17, 2013] Related Links: Joshua M. Bernstein Website (NYC Homebrew Tour, Beer Books & More) Jason’s “J.J. Bollerack’s