AHA/Lucid Brewing Wort Rally Double Black IPA

This is the homebrew-scale recipe for the Double Black IPA brewed by Lucid Brewing Company for their AHA Wort Rally event during Big Brew Day 2014. Huge thanks to Eric Biermann (no joke, best last name ever!) and Jon Messier for sharing this recipe with Chop & Brew. Also thanks to the American Homebrewers Association

Chop & Brew – Episode 28: AHA Wort Rally Beer Tasting Notes

Chip is joined by a krewe of Chop & Brew All-Stars to taste four different beers made from the same Double Black IPA wort. The wort was brewed for and given to them by Lucid Brewing Company at the American Homebrewers Association Wort Rally on Big Brew Day 2014. The discussion includes tips on dry

Chop & Brew – Episode 12: Belgian Dark Strong Ales

Chop & Brew is joined once again by Wyeast brand manager Michael Dawson for a backyard brew session. The goal: a high-gravity Belgian Dark Strong Ale. We discuss what it takes to create a successful “big beer” while sampling a high-octane brew from Dawson’s homebrew cellar. Brewers, we’d love to hear your tips and techniques