C&B 05 - Episode - Still - Four Dudes

Contribute to C&B

People from all over the U.S. (and the world!) have e-mailed us to ask if there was way that they could help financially support Chop & Brew. These good folks say they want to make sure we can keep producing high-quality, educational — and most importantly, entertaining — episodes about homebrewing and cooking.

Now there is a way. If you are interested, please consider contributing to Chop & Brew at the PayPal link below. You can choose the amount.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

The krewe really appreciates any help you can give and we welcome feedback as well on episodes past, present and future at chopandbrew@gmail.com.

Chip Walton
Producer, Chop & Brew

7 thoughts on “Contribute to C&B

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  2. George Whitehead

    Love ya work men………………………..just planted our first rhizomes of Perle hops this Spring in Australia (way down south in Victoria, SE Aust), they are just poking thru now, so we are on the job trellising. Yesterday, i felt completely at sea with this hop growing caper, but now after a couple of IPA homies and your posts, we are now full bottle on what to do!
    Respect………….and remember, luck favours the brave

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