Chop & Brew – Episode 10: Boat Bitter


It’s summer in the city and we’re in need of a low-alcohol, yet high-flavor beer. Enter Wyeast Brand Manager Michael Dawson with the cure: Boat Bitter. Dawson has some great advice for crafting a superb session-strength British Bitter utilizing a limited edition yeast strain, Wyeast 1026 British Cask Ale. And if you know Dawson, you know you’ll want to grab a beer and a notepad for this episode. Brew Small! [Original postdate: August 8, 2013]

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  1. td

    Great to see Dawson again. He’s part of the chemistry that made BrewingTV so great. I really enjoyed this episode. Thx

  2. So nice to see Dawson and you together again! Seriously. Major smile and now I’m going to have to brew this weekend! Keep up the great work!

  3. Jim

    Great episode! I was one of those guys at NHC to ask about you, Chip. It was nice to meet you there Michael. Hope to see you at NHC next year so I can thank you in person for all these great shows!! Chop for chop, chew your brew 🙂

  4. Gkhodge

    I didn’t make it to NHC, either, Chip. But I have been on a session kick lately! Great to see MD and you on the screen. I gotta get me some of that yeast and like it was said above – what a nice-size pitch container.

  5. Glad to see Chip and Michael collaborating on brew vids again! I’m looking forward to more.

  6. Another great episode, Chip! Great to see you & Dawson back together on camera. I really feel like you guys had just finally hit your stride towards the end of BTV. Nice to see you guys haven’t lost a beat. It would be great to see you guys back with Keeler some time. Keep ’em coming!

  7. I’m not the first and probably won’t be the last to say I got the warm fuzzies when I saw you and Dawson brewin’ up another episode. I also agree it would be great to see Keeler back. In my humble opinion, the three of you made some of the most entertaining brewing related videos on the interwebs. Great work Men.

  8. Bryan Pierce

    If the Mayan calendar had gone into 2013…. this episode would have surely been on it. The vib is really gaining. So glad to see you teaming up again. Another trip around the Sun and maybe the resurrection of Keeler will unvail. But, no joke, Lov’n the new shows Chip. You’re finding your grove. This is the only thing I watch on TV (Roku). Have the Neilsens put that in their pipe and smoke it.

    Not to mention that I’ve been looking/needing to do a quick turn around session brew myself. So, thanks for that education too!

  9. Chip, great episode! cool to see you and dawson in the canoe tastings again! You guys have got to start a regular show! keep it up!

    • Is this not a regular show? New episodes are dropping pretty much every other week, sometimes weekly depending on the krewe’s work and life schedules. I am glad that you are glad to see Dawson. I am too. He is also a part of episodes 11 and 12. And more to come.

  10. Michael Dawson! Cool episode. Great detail on the brew day (as always), and the rap that only Dawson and Chip can do. Just printed the recipe and will give it a go in a week or two… can’t wait. Michael Dawsoooooon! Chip, you keep on rockin’ it brotha.

  11. Cole

    I miss Dawson too much! I remember the first brewing tv episode I watched was “iSoloBrewmaster”. Was hooked instantly. Thanks for keeping the minnesota beer coverage going.

  12. Zake

    Dawson. Michael Dawson! Love to Chip. But one needs to see the MD once in a while, or more. 2/3 of the brew trifecta back in action. Get in on that hobbit ale ep. Michael! Also, How about some strange Chip? Where is one to get their sunshine this winter, know what i mean? B4A.

  13. Jamie Garcia

    Fantastic seeing you and Dawson together again, hoping you’ll have him back fro more episodes as well, as you are both highly entertaining together :). Looking forward to future episodes! Cheers!

  14. Jack

    Wyeast 1026 British Cask Ale….. Planning on brewing the boat bitter. If i cant find Wyeast 1026 British Cask Ale, what would be a good subsitute?

  15. Mark

    In the episode it says this beer was designed to be brought on a river trip. How did Dawson transport the beer on the river? Glass is usually a no no. Can you can homebrew, did he use a keg?

    • I don’t know about this exact case, but Dawson and friends have been known to take 3- or 5-gallon kegs with them on fishing trips or stainless steel hydro-flask growlers that are awesome at keeping the beer cold even after hours in the boat.

  16. Taylor A

    Quick question, did you go from primary straight to keg after day 9? How did that work?

    • Can’t answer for Dawson directly but kegging from primary is fine esoecially for low gravity beer and/or a beer with good flocculation. Either way, let it carb and settle… may need to blow out a cloudy pint or two but should be fine.

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