Rhubarb Saison Homebrew Recipe


Recipe for a Rhubarb Saison as seen brewed and sampled in Chop & Brew – Episode 30. Thanks to Robert Cone for sharing his recipe with the people.

Brhubarb Saison (hehehehe)
5 gallon batch
OG – 1.042
FG – 1.009

8lbs pilsner malt
1lb white wheat
0.5 lb carvienne 20.
Dough in around 120F.
Raise heat to 148-150F.
Mash/Rest 60 min

1 oz of both Kent Goldings and Willamette at the start of the boil
1 oz Kent goldings and 1 lb rhubarb at 20 minutes left in the boil.

Kill flame at 0 min. Cool wort. Add 1 lb rhubarb in primary fermenter. Pitch Belgian Saison Wyeast 3724. Ferment 10 days.
Rack to second fermenter with 2 lbs rhubarb. Let rest for about 2 weeks.