Svagdricka Homebrew Recipe


Here is the recipe for Chip’s Brew In A Bag batch of svagdricka as seen brewed in Chop & Brew | Episode 54. The recipe is based on suggestions from Swedish homebrewer/craft brewer Mikael Holmlund and scaled down to a smaller 3 gallon batch for Chip’s system. Also, this version is certainly a bit different in process. Mikael added boiling water to the mash in three separate additions to raise the temp three times, the final one hitting 161°F, so almost like a mash-out temperature. I went for simplicity with a single-infusion mash.

Chop & Brew Svagdricka
For 3 gallon (ish) Brew In A Bag
OG: 1.033

FG: 1.008
ABV: 3.3%


  • 3.3 lbs Weyermann Bohemian Pils (1.7-2L)
  • 0.6 lb Weyermann CaraMunich III (57L)
  • 0.19 lb Simpsons Chocolate Malt (375-450L)
  • 0.14 lb Weyermann Dehusked Carafa II (430L)
    • Total Malt: 4.30 lbs


  • 0.75 oz German Hallertau (3.8% AA) @ 60 min
  • 0.25 oz German Hallertaur @ 10 min


  • Wyeast 2112 California Lager


  • Mashed crushed malts in large bag in kettle at 156-158°F for 60 mins
  • Add half-gallon of boiling water to bump up to a mash-out temperature
  • Move kettle to sink, remove bag and rest bag on clean grill grate placed on top of kettle. Use glass measuring cup to carefully pour more 170°F water over the bag to “hand sparge” and extract more wort from grain
  • Pre-boil SG was 1.030, which is supposed to be the OG for the beer post-boil. We’re going to be over.
  • Bring to a boil. Add hops as noted above.
  • Along the way, I added another half-gallon of boiling water to bring to aprox. 4 gallons and help lower the SG.
  • Remove from flame. Chill wort to 62°F. SG was 1.036, so I added another half gallon of cold water to bring SG/OG to about 1.033.
  • Pitch yeast. Leave sanitized foil on top of carboy for first full day. Fermented for one week.
  • Transferred to keg to a week of carbonation and cold-conditioning.