Chop & Brew – Episode 16: Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA


In this Chop & Brew Roundtable episode Chip, DonO and Dawson taste and discuss several IPAs fermented with Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA (Private Collection strain for Sept-Dec 2013). The conversation focuses on the characteristics and usage of Wyeast 1217, but also includes discussion of the new high-alpha German hop Polaris and American hop EXP 5256; as well as the importance of malt bills to and general techniques for hop-forward (and malt-balanced) IPAs. [Original postdate: November 21, 2013]

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  1. Adam

    I pitched 1217 into a 1.048 pale ale on Saturday night and buy Tuesday all signs of active fermentation had nearly stopped. I took a reading today at its at 1.008 and fairly clear. First impressions of this yeast are good. I’ll be repitching to an IPA and IIPA similar to what MD did. I have a great feeling about making a hoppy IIPA with this.

  2. Nick

    You guys are awesome. Is Keeler ever going to be on an episode?

  3. I used 1217 in my normal IIPA recipe. OG 1.080 finished at 1.012.
    I normally use 1056.

    The biggest difference between the two is cosmetic. 1217 is a lot clearer.
    I also had a little bit lighter mouth feel.

    Over all this is one of my new favorites!

  4. Love this episode! Great seeing you all sit and discuss the yeast through these different brewings.

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