Episode 01: Two Reds are Better Than One [original postdate: February 15, 2013]
Episode 02: Makin’ Bacon [original postdate: March 1, 2013]
Episode 03: Brewing for 311 and Dre Day [original postdate: March 11, 2013]
Episode 04: Washing Yeast with Don O. [original postdate: March 30, 2013]
Episode 05: Irish Beef Stew & Some Tasting Notes [original postdate: April 14, 2013]
Episode 5.5: Not an Official Episode [original postdate April 27, 2013]
Episode 06: Growing Hops at Home (Part 1) [original postdate: May 19, 2013]
Episode 07: Roll Out the Barrels [original postdate: June 7, 2013]
Episode 08: How to Cook with Beer (Presentation by Sean Z. Paxton) [original postdate: June 23, 2012]
Episode 09: Crawfish Boil with Cajun 2 Geaux [original postdate: August 2, 2013]
Episode 10: Boat Bitter (Brewing Session Ales with Michael Dawson) [original postdate: August 8, 2013]
Episode 11: Growing Hops at Home (Part 2) [original postdate: August 26, 2013]
Episode 12: Belgian Dark Strong Ales [original postdate: September 4, 2013]
Episode 13: Brewing Aletoberfest [original postdate: September 18, 2013]
Episode 14: Brewing with Fresh/Wet Hops [original postdate: October 3, 2013]
Episode 14.5: Not an Official Episode (Part 2) [original postdate: October 16,2013]
Episode 15: Making Pie From Scratch [original postdate: November 17, 2013]
Episode 16: Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA [original postdate: November 21, 2013]
Episode 17: Fresh Hop Tasting Notes [original postdate: December 5, 2013]
Episode 18: Joose Tasting Notes [original postdate: December 15, 2013]
Episode 19: NYC Homebrew Tour [original postdate: January 17, 2014]
Episode 20: Homebrew Video Nerds Unite [original postdate: January 31, 2014]
Episode 21: Meet the Brewer – Mino Choi [original postdate: February 10, 2014]
Episode 22: John Kimmich from The Alchemist [original postdate: March 10, 2014]
Episode 23: Music City Brew Off [original postdate: April 17, 2014]
Episode 24: Basement Stout Fest [original postdate: April 29, 2014]
Episode 26: 2014 BJCP Style Guidelines (NHC 2014 Presentation) [original postdate: June 19, 2014]
Episode 27: C&B Theme Song Contest [original postdate: July 10, 2014]
Episode 28: AHA Wort Rally Beer Tasting Notes [original postdate: August 7, 2014]
Episode 30: Rhubarb Saison [original postdate: September 12, 2014]
Episode 39: Minnesota State Fair 2015
Episode 62: Mead Masters: Steve Fletty (Part 1)
Episode 63: Mead Masters: Steve Fletty (Part 2)
Episode 64: Mead Day Mini-Mead Tasting Notes
Episode 65: Homebrew Con Tasting Notes
Episode 66: Beer Mustard & Bacon Jam with Natedogs
Episode 67: Media Circus Hazy Pale
Episode 68: High Hat Brewing
Episode 69: Making Salsa at Home
Episode 70: Surly Darkness
Episode 71: The Upside Down (Cake)
Episode 72: Barke® Vienna Homebrew Roundtable


  1. JK

    Think about recruiting a knowledgeable lady to assist you at times. It will help diversify your target audience. Homebrewing is accessible to both genders. It can’t always be a sausagefest.

    • Agreed! Hoping to shoot an episode with the MN chapter of Barley’s Angels soon. Aside from that, we’ll also try to find some ladies that can stand to be around us for too long.

    • Hoping to have first legit episode up this coming Friday (the 15th). Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience. We’re also rebuilding this website behind the scenes so that will be improved as well.

      • Large Lad

        Can’t wait for an “episode” man. Just discovered the old BTV last week, have immersed myself in about 75% of those episodes already and am caught up on yor blog, and Dawson’s and Keelser’s. Croaking up here for content! Thanks for helping make beer, brewing, and the lifestyle around beer and brewing so accessible.

  2. Dave

    Secret of a good homebrew video: put a dog in it.
    Love that Charlie P. (the dog)
    Secret of a good homebrew batch: leave the dog out of it.
    Happy belated Charlie P. (the man)

  3. mirogster

    Chip! Master, you’re back. Sooo glad to see you again. Thanks for that awesome episode, keep’em coming !
    PS. How long took that BRY-97 to start off ? Heard / read horrible stories about looong lag time!
    Chop for chop & brew for brew! Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Roll Tide, Sir!

      • Ha, Sir that was a glimpse of of a true genius :). I don’t want sound too geeky, but what ‘people’ were experiencing, was reeeeealy looong lags – reaching average 36 hrs after pitching (at normal pitching regime)!!.
        So it seems, that either something is wrong with Danstar’s yeast drying process or / and healthy yeast count per bag, is not enough to start right away.
        Because people pitching 2nd and further generations, didn’t got such problems! Also, people pitching at high temps (mid 70’ish !) and holding that during few first hours !
        I know that, it was yeast of choice for Dawson’s last year fermentations. He got no such issues with using 2nd and furhter generations, as well
        Conclusions: pitch warm & pitch 2 bags, even with small beers :)!
        Ufff sorry for that long answer, CHEERZZZZ!!!
        Keep’em coming, Chip. We really appreciate your hard work !!!

  4. Good episode. Just wondering, who’s behind the camera? Just wondering who will be the next star to step out from behind the camera on a brewing (and cooking) web show. Chip made the most of his opportunity at BTV. Who’s next? I hope it’s a hot babe!

    • I’m behind the camera so far. Hoping to get a lot of friend involved in front of camera so I can focus on shooting & editing. There are a few lady-friends on the list for leading upcoming episodes.

  5. Big J

    Have you ever thought of doing a TapRoom tour and getting it on tape? Maybe Mpls vs St. Paul type of thing. I would be willing to try them out with you! Cheers and keep it rolling.

    PS: Kind of cool, found out my neighbor is Paul Trombly based on your Hops episode and the quick picture of his back yard. I invited him over for a brew party and we got to talk/share some good beer.

  6. Listen to the BN interview from the archives today and MAN, did JP go off about the whole 311 thing. This coming from a brewcaster who was like, “What da hell was that brew bag thingy you did? I liked the looks of that, cause I’m a lazy ass.”

    I know it is all in good fun.
    You rock Chip, and don’t you forget it.
    And so does 311, if your 16…. And it’s 1995. Pa-sha!

  7. Matt C

    Cmon Chipper! Where are the CnB episodes? I little birdy told me that BTV might be coming back with a new cast…and….ahem…you might be in it too? What’s the status on BTV….I’m having the BTV withdrawal shakes

    • Matt, I have episodes 9 and 10 nearly complete. They will be out in the next two weeks. And one of them has Mr. Dawson included representing Wyeast and badass homebrewers everywhere. As for BTV your guess is as good as mine. I am not a part of the production nor have I been asked back since leaving NB and BTV. I know NB has the homebrewers to pull it off but maybe not the producer or editor it would take to be as fun as it was. Time will tell. I/we got our own shiz overe here son!

      • Matt C

        Dayum Son! Well Chip, I’m on board. Not sure what happened to the 3 musketeers over at NB, but I know I just want to see you guys back together, no matter what, or absence of, corporate overlord you represent. You guys had a truly unique on-camera dynamic that will be difficult to replace. All the best!

  8. Tristan


    Great job ! Gotta get Keeler and Dawson (the original BTV crew) together more often. Looking forward to all your new episodes. Keep them comin !

  9. Keep up the good brews Chip! It would be awesome to see you guys doing some 1 gallon split batch experiments or some SMASH brewing madness. I’d like to tap into more of the experimental potential of homebrewing. I feel like a lot of the time I end up brewing beers because I know what to expect instead of pushing the envelope and developing a strong knowledge base of what each ingredient and brewing technique imparts in my beers. All of you guys from BTV, C&B, and all of your respective blogs have really helped me to branch out and try something crazy – great work + cheers!

  10. You are doing a great job. Really missed you guys when Brewing TV went belly up, so I was very happy to see you again on Chop and Brew.

    You’re a funny man Chip Walton. Keep up the good work.

  11. Norb L

    Loving the show, you’re getting a bit of a following where we’re at. Loved the roll out the barrels episode, we did something like that but with a belgian/orval and a rum cask. Keep it up man!

  12. brett

    hey there chip used to love the old episodes on BTV .
    now its crap all new shit actors who know shit about shit,
    rock on chop n brew .

    cheers to keeler and dawson also

  13. Roman R.

    Hi Chip, thanks for amazing stories. Im realy enjoying it even so far away in the middle of Europe. Roman(Slovakia). Looking forward to next ones:-)

  14. Jeremy

    Man, you should do an episode about beer braised something. I’m on a competitive bbq team and we do it all the time. With you having several chef buds bet they have some great recipes. Oh yeah, HAIL STATE!

    • Would you mind sharing some basic steps and methods to beer-braising? Heck, I’d like to try it myself regardless if I could find someone else to throw in on the effort! Chip