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Chop & Brew – Episode 38: Homebrewing with Tea

Homebrewing with tea adds new and complex flavors to your homemade beer. In this episode of Chop & Brew, Chip and tea-minded homebrewer Jessica Hanley look at different methods for using tea in beer while tasting several examples from Jessica’s homebrewery and a commercial example from Summit Brewing Company. [Original postdate: August 11, 2015]

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Chop & Brew – Episode 37: Influence of Mashing on Sour Beer Production

Full-length presentation from NHC 2014 “Influence of the Mash on Sour Beer Production” by Michael Tonsmeire. Tonsmeire is popular for his Mad Fermentationist blog about his homebrewed adventures with sour beers and is the author of the book American Sour Beers. In this presentation, he discusses the importance of the mash as it relates to sour beer production, and also includes advice on fermentation as well as yeast/bacteria strains. [Original postdate: May 27, 2015]

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Chop & Brew – Episode 36: Big Brew Day at Summit Brewing Company

Chop & Brew celebrates National Homebrew Day with a Big Brew Day at Summit Brewing Company. Hang out with homebrewers as they brew extract, brew-in-a-bag and all-grain batches of beer in Summit’s parking lot. [Original postdate: May 19, 2015]

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More Wisdom for Homebrewing with Tea

In Chop & Brew – Episode 38: Homebrewing with Tea, our guest Jessica Hanley told us about her experiences making homebrew using tea. Back when she worked for Twin Cities-based tea purveyor TeaSource, Jess wrote the blog post below on the subject including more information on the three methods we talked about in the episode and a long list of beers she has made as well as ones that she would like to try. Perhaps you’ll take not only some education from her blog post, but some inspiration as well!


While working on this episode, I asked my Summit Brewing Company co-worker Rebecca Newman (our new Quality Control Manager) for any suggested reading on the topics of caffeine and beer as it relates to using tea and/or coffee in brewing. She sent me the following articles, which may be of interest to fans of Chop & Brew:
Cold Brewing Coffee and Tea via New York Times
Cold Brewing Tea: Why You Should and How To Do It via Arbor Teas
Definititve Guide to Cold Brew Tea via The Tea Spot which explains that “Cold brew teas have been shown to have lower levels of caffeine, reduced bitterness, & heightened aroma [sources cited] because they’re chemically different. Cold brew teas may also have a slightly different flavor profile, which for many teas results in a smoother and less astringent taste.”