Rhubarb Saison

Rhubarb Saison Homebrew Recipe

Recipe for a Rhubarb Saison as seen brewed and sampled in Chop & Brew – Episode 30. Thanks to Robert Cone for sharing his recipe with the people.

Brhubarb Saison (hehehehe)
5 gallon batch
OG – 1.042
FG – 1.009

8lbs pilsner malt
1lb white wheat
0.5 lb carvienne 20.
Dough in around 120F.
Raise heat to 148-150F.
Mash/Rest 60 min

1 oz of both Kent Goldings and Willamette at the start of the boil
1 oz Kent goldings and 1 lb rhubarb at 20 minutes left in the boil.

Kill flame at 0 min. Cool wort. Add 1 lb rhubarb in primary fermenter. Pitch Belgian Saison Wyeast 3724. Ferment 10 days.
Rack to second fermenter with 2 lbs rhubarb. Let rest for about 2 weeks.

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Chop & Brew – Episode 30: Rhubarb Saison

In this episode of Chop & Brew, we put a unique twist on a saison with the help of some rhubarb! Chip is joined by homebrewer Robert Cone for tasting notes on his Rhubarb Saison and discuss the brewing, fermentation, and use of four pounds of the plant to give this saison an dry and wonderfully tart attitude. [Original Postdate: September 12, 2014]

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