C&B 33 - BDSA Tasting Notes.Still004

Chop & Brew – Episode 33: Belgian Dark Strong Ales Part 2

Chip, Dawson and Don O. meet up for basement tasting notes on four different variations on the theme of Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 10 gallons split four ways and experimented upon during secondary fermentation. Among topics and techniques discussed are fermentation, fruit-based candi syrups, black tea infusion, buggy oak sticks, and the unique (and somewhat rare) yeast strain Wyeast 3822 Belgian Dark Strong Ale. [Original postdate: January 4, 2015]

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Chop & Brew – Episode 32: Brewing with New Hop Varieties

Full-length “Brewing with New Hop Varieties” presentation by Nathan Smith (DOZE, Brewing Network) from the 2014 National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Nathan introduces us to some of his favorite new hop varieties, discusses his split-batch process for test-brewing with new hops, and shares some of the tasty results. [Original postdate: November 6, 2014]

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